The Concept of Road Shows

What are Road Shows ??? Road Shows are formal Buyer-Vendor meets where : •Vendors display their products and merchandise range •Buyers evaluate the range •Buyers give confirmed orders and feedback on the gaps in the range .

It enables them to have a Customer Centric approach by gauging with reasonable accuracy the tastes and preferences of the target market. .Why Road Shows ??? •Efficient Buyers know the pulse of the Consumers •They are aware of the current /forecasted trends •Buyers add the business perspective to the merchandise offering of the brand Road shows act as a medium through which the manufacturing company tries to gauge the success and failure of its season’s offering before the merchandise hits the shelf. 2. It enables them to control and manage inventory better because of pre-booked confirmed orders. This helps the brand/manufacturing company in two ways: 1.

Benefits of Road Shows Manufacturer/ Brand Better Production Planning Retailer Better control on Inventory Lesser Dormancy Lesser Stock Out Situations Lesser Mark downs Better Bottomlines Better Lead Time Management Better performance on the criteria of Booked Vs Delivered orders leading to better Vendor Relationships .

Italy. Sampling:    According to the design dockets . Measurement and fits should be well according to the given design docket. etc. .Pre – Road Show Design Compilation:  The color and fabrics are squared upon according to the season using feedbacks from various sources and road shows in countries like France. Design Development:  Selection of designs by product merchandisers and designers. sample should be prepared. Trims should be used and placed to their respective places etc.

During Road Show Bulk Booking:  The first three days are for key buyers booking like Lifestyle. . On the basis of quantities booked for each style there is first drop out style selection. A swatch reference is given to these major buyer for all styles booked. and new style that the brand has come with for the season. Shoppers Stop. Feedback from buyer towards the range during Road Show is one key activity And the new range is explained with the colors.     Order Compilation:  Approved samples of fabric are showcased in Road Shows for prior booking of fabric. And the slow moving styles are removed from collection. Here they come to know the booking quantity and start preparing according to it. Kapsons’. the finish. Dubai and EBO’s.

after getting all the details a new swatch card is made that has final range selection. Then one set of samples are handed over to production department as reference samples for the bulk production. This ends the process of forward booking with the design and product team. The entire fabric swatch card has to be remade for fabric development for bulk. The lead time for this process is 90 days. Road show Analysis:  Category manager with the help of his/her team member analyze the total order got during Roadshow.     . Here in this stage.Post Road Show Fabric Order:  This is done to source fabric at competitive prices from vendors or suppliers.

Merchandise Monitoring.Pre Store Picking & Packing Factory Store A Warehouse Store wise Road Show Store B Store C Inwards Despatch Store Inwards .

Merchandise Monitoring.At Store Store A .

Head Office: In Season Despatch of Replenishment Orders Processing & Placement of Orders Warehouse Store wise Road Show Stock Cover Analysis Rate of Sale Analysis Receipt of Replenishment Orders Store A Receipt of Replenishment Orders Head Office Oddment Analysis Slow Seller Analysis Corrective Action at Store Level Core Availability Analysis Sell Through Analysis Daily Sales Report Analysis .


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