Longevity is the goal in this business… But perseverance is the key and greatest challenge any true musician

will face in a world influenced so heavily by materialism. Stage left to the Smith Brothers. Shawn and Jabar Smith are two out of five talented siblings. Their musical journeys began at birth. Grandchildren of the late Bishop George and Pearl Attmore, the Smith Brothers were exposed to the power and soul of gospel music; and at an early age the then who’s who’ of music elite in gospel, R&B and Jazz on the NY scene. Their mother, a then noted lead singer on the NY gospel circuit noticed their inherent gift of sound and musical composition when they were mere infants. Shaking their rattles to the beat of the music that was playing throughout the house was an all day thing. “I mean, my babies had talent some three times their age were taking lessons to get,” say Starlett. She can recall them mimicking instrumentation while in their highchairs like it was yesterday. Once of age, they were tested with one of the toughest audiences around, the church congregation. Before they had their first girlfriends, they were running the music for Sunday service. Fast forward to the mid-late 90’s. Shawn, yet still brimming with adolescence is at a turning point in his life. He’s faced with the choice of getting a traditional job or doing what he loves. With advice and a push from his mother he chooses to do music. “It was clear when my mother said to me ‘A job is a job, but your music is a career’ that’s when I decided; this is what I’m doing, and I’m doing it, because it’s what I love.” His efforts began in the basement of his house, with a TASCAM analog recorder, a KORG 01WFD keyboard workstation, a mic, and a tape-deck. And it got the attention of Kelly Price, a close family friend who re-entered their life after the tragic death of their beloved grandmother Pearl affectionatley known as “ma ma”. In her death she left a gift. Kelly Price, exposed Shawn to the “Who’s Who” of the music industry & a whole other aspect of the business, “The Business of Music”. Shawn worked long hours sometimes, not seeing daylight for two days at a time while in the studio. Learning about publishing, split sheets, union scales, taking meetings, how to produce vocals, royalties, song delivery; what being a producer really entails. Through these opportunities, Shawn worked on several projects, including Kelly’s infamous masterpiece “Soul of a Woman”, Tamia & Gerald Levert, and also performed in her band at the Appollo Theatre, BET’s Planet Groove, Donnie & Marie show. At numerous venues & tours like the House Of Blues, the Isley Brothers, the Fox Theatre, and too many more to name. Shortly after, the family endured another loss. Their grandfather George affectionatley known as “pop pop”. The family was shattered. During this period Shawn was exposed to another outlet within the business, another aspect that so naturally came and that was touring. Shawn packed up and hit the road with Charlie Wilson & the Gap Band and later Rell, then Case, KC & JoJo and more… While Shawn was on tour, Jabar was honing his production, writing and singing skills back at home. Coming off a two tear run of touring, Shawn returned with a new perspective on the music business and jumped right back in to producing. Gaining fundamentals from various producers like Dinky Bingham, Bryan Attmore and Rockwilder to name a few… Shawn went to work. During a brief singing episode with Smith, (a group combining all four of the Smith Brothers), Shawn and Jabar realized how well they meshed on the production side. They made a fantastic team that is now known publicly as the Smith Bros or the BEATSMITHz. The result has been steady. Presently, Joe, Patti Labelle, Yummy Bingham, Mya, Ashanti, and even some International recognition has only broadened the spectrum for the Smith Brothers. Their eclectic sound and wide range of style not only makes them diverse, but streams a path that’s all their own. With two current singles out in Japan, two songs on a major release in the United Kingdom, a cut on a legendary R&B crooner’s album in the U.S., and some singles in the making for 2007-08, longevity is a standard Shawn & Jabar intend to maintain. Featured producers on numerous music websites, and the buzz in the industry as a name to know, the grind pays off… and the beat goes on. SB