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Ace Institute of Management

Whats Business Communication?

Messages that we send and receive for official purposes like running a business, managing an organisation, conducting the formal affairs and so on. Business Communication is marked by formality as against personal and social communication. The success of any business to a large extent depends on efficient and effective


Whats Business contd. ..

Takes place among business entities, in

markets, within organizations, between various groups of employees, between employer and employees, buyers and sellers, service providers and customers, sales persons and prospects, organisations and press people.
life blood of any organisation.

Why Business Communication?

Good and effective communication is

required for successful business.

The quality of an organisations internal and

external communication affects its success.

Essential component for management-

employee relations.

Why Business contd. ..

A basic tool for motivation; can improve the

morale of the employees in an organisation.

Increases production at low cost by encouraging

ideas or suggestions from employees.

It can promote interest if done with care, otherwise it will portray the organisation in poor

light which may adversely affect the business interest.

Purposes of B. C.
for instruction integration

evaluation direction

teaching (teaching employees about personal safety on

the jobs ) influencing image building Orientation for employees

Goals of B. C.
1. Receiver understands the message as intended it to be understood.
2. To get receivers response.

could be positive, neutral or negative

3. To build favourable relationship.

4. To promote organizational goodwill.

Main Forms of Organisational Communication

Internal- Operational Communication External Operational Communication Personal Communication

consists of the structured communication

within the organization

directly relates to achieving the

organizations work goal

A part of an organizations structured communication
Is concerned with achieving the organizations

work goal
Is conducted with people and groups outside the organization

Personal Communication
Is all the incidental exchange of

information and feelings in which human beings engage whenever they come together