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Marketing Research
 

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R esearch T opic :

“ Marketing Research done by FMCG companies in Pakistan ”

I ntroduction
o The
research activity covers the area of use of marketing research in the FMCG industry of Pakistan.  This topic fulfills our research objective of getting an insight into;

q The current marketing research practices in the Pakistani FMCG industry

And the degree of effectiveness of these practices.  Historically it has been observed that most of the organizations in Pakistan are not very much involved in the use of marketing research.  Reason being; qThe orthodox way of conducting marketing activities qInvolving a lot of intuition and



Objectives Of The Research

 To find out the extent to which marketing research is

being used in Pakistani FMCG companies.

 To understand the credibility of the current marketing

research practices in Pakistani FMCG industry.

 To understand the perception of Pakistani business

organizations towards marketing research.

 To go through the success stories based upon

implementation of marketing research in Pakistani FMCG companies.

R esearch M ethodology
 Nature of research activity  Nature of the data required  Sources of the required data  Population  Sampling technique and the selected sample  Data collection techniques  Techniques and methodologies used for data analysis  Interpretation on the basis of findings from the data

analysis  Conclusive end and recommendations

N ature of the

r esearch

in our research we had a detailed insight into the current marketing research practices in the FMCG industry of Pakistan and its future prospects so it can be easily identified that the nature of this research is “D ESCRIPTIVE ” .


Nature of Data

 Qualitative Data  Quantitative Data

S ources of the
  

d ata

qSecondary source of data qPrimary source of data

S econdary source of d ata
 A nnual reports of the organizations  (Nestle Pakistan limited, Haleeb foods limited, Qarshi industries private limited, Mitchells fruit farms limited, Unilever Pakistan limited, Proctor and Gamble Pakistan)  O rganizational web sites  (www.map.org.pk, www.nestle.pk, www.haleebfoods.com, www.qarshi.com, www.mitchells.com.pk, www.unilever.pk, www.pg.com/en_PK)  B usiness journals and magazines  ( IBA business review, Lahore journal of economics , Synergizer, Aurora)

P opulation

The population for our research includes all the FMCG organizations (either domestic or multinational) operating in Pakistan

S ampling

s elected

t echnique s ample

and the

Sampling Technique:
for sample

We used “Convenience selection

  

Selected Sample:
The selected sample for the research includes following organizations headquartered in Lahore.

S ample
 Shakarganj foods private limited  Haleeb foods private limited  Coca cola export corporation  Hamza oil mills private limited (SUFI)  Mitchells fruit farms private limited  Forvil cosmetics private limited  Shezan international

 Dawn bread  Qarshi industries private limited

D ata


t echniques

In order to collect the data we used “Interview Method ”  Structured Unstructured
 

R eason :
it was the most feasible way to interact with the sample organizations and get the relevant data for our research, Secondly as our sample size was short so we found it suitable to interview the relevant persons in those organizations .


P ersons

 

we interacted

w ith

 

Mitchells fruit farms private limited Amna Iqbal (Brand and media manager) Danish Habib (Assistant brand manager) Shakarganj foods private limited Asim Zafar (Brand manager) Qarshi industries private limited Ali Kiyani (Brand manager) Forvil cosmetics private limited M.Sarwar (manager strategic planning and research) Haleeb foods private limited M.Iqbal Jutt (Marketing manager)

Interviewees (Contd…)

 

Hamza oil mills private limited . ( SUFI ) Sajid Shahzad Sufi (Director marketing) Dawn bread M. Nisar Ashraf (Brand manager) Coca cola export corporation . Abbas Arsalan (Brand manager) Shezan international Waseem A Mehmood (director marketing)

Data analysis techniques

 


the purpose of data analysis we have used

 Microsoft excel

Deductive analysis

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 1: How do you perceive marketing research in the context of overall organizational Operations?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 2: Does your organization use marketing research as a part of the routine business operations?

Q 3: What % age of the marketing budget of your organization is allocated to marketing research?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 4: What is the base for marketing research budget allocation in your organization?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 5: Do you use marketing research only for the purpose
of new product development?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 6: Does your organization have its own marketing
research facility?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 7: Which criterion is rated most suitable by your

organization for the selection of marketing research firms?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 8: Are you satisfied with the results produced by
marketing research activities performed in your organization up till now?

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 9: List down the three marketing research

techniques mostly used by your organization.

In response to this question interviewees told us about their preferences of marketing research techniques and the result shows that the 03 mostly used techniques are:  Various observation techniques like personal observation and inventory tracking  Mall intercepts  Personal interviewing of the channel members

 

K ey findings from the data

c ollection

Q 10: “Marketing research is a pre-requisite for

marketing”, give your comments on this statement. To this question 6 out of the 10 respondents answered in YES showing that they believe in marketing research as a pre-requisite to marketing.

 

 Most of the FMCG companies in Pakistan are

still not using marketing research functions properly


qUnavailability of the up-to-the mark marketing

research services in Pakistan qExcessive dependence on intuition and experience based judgment qLess budgetary allocations for marketing research

C onclusion
 Companies which are using marketing research

as part of the routine operations have got more success in terms of successful brands, higher sales volumes etc.


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