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Persuasive Letter
To overcome reader resistance; to change their filter:- their knowledge, viewpoints and emotions. Thus, indirect way; considered to be

appropriate. Indirect way because you anticipate opposition. Persuasive message: persuasive message & sales letter.

How to write?
Understanding our readers is critical.

Understand the readers & adapt your message

yield the result that you want.

Use imagination.

Ways of Persuasion
Rewards motivate people. Tangible or intangible rewards. Tangible: Save money Save time
Acquire the object you desire

Intangible: Beneficial but cannot be experienced and

seen However, unduly emphasizing the monetary benefits can backfire if you imply that your readers care about no other goals.

Benefits that you feature in your persuasive letter must include both
Intrinsic: Benefits that lasts long and

spiritual Extrinsic benefits: Short lived benefits and physical benefits

Turn your product features into readers benefits. Use scenario painting to help readers visualize themselves enjoying the benefits of the product. Maintain the following three appeals in your persuasive message.
Logic based (saving money, time etc.)
Emotion based (securing future for some one

dear to you). Character based (what kind of image will you and your company resonate).

How to Write Persuasive Request? Techniques

Determination of persuasion.
Gaining attention in the opening. Presenting the Persuasion. Goodwill and action in the end.

Persuasive Request... Determination of persuasion

The persuasion is planned to overcome

readers objection . It involves three interrelated tasks. Considering : 1. your goals for the message. 2. readers needs and interests . 3. and deciding upon a persuasive plan.

Developing plan depends upon on the facts of the case

gain time
gain money Show that they will benefit goodwill or prestige

Appeal their sense of beauty, excitement or serenity

Problem-solution message

A persuasive request situation is a special opportunity for analysis, creativity and judgment. With careful use of all three, you can plan messages that will change your readers minds and move them to action

Gaining attention in the opening

Its goal is to set up an explanation. To get the reader into a receptive mood.
E.g: a statement that arouses curiosity. A statement that offers or implies

benefit. Questions since they get people thinking.

Presenting the persuasion

Convey the points with convincing details.
Make use of you-viewpoint.

Give attention to the choice of words and

clarity of expression.
Make request clearly. Avoid negative words.