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What is
peripherals ??
he students should be able to:

state the definition of peripheral

identify different types of peripherals
state examples different types of peripherals
explain the functions of each peripheral
1: Definition of Peripheral
2: Different Types and Functions of Periph
Definition & types of peripheral
Peripheral Device :
External hardware devices attached to the
are called peripheral devices
There are three types of peripheral devices :
• Input devices
• Output devices
• Storage devices
Input Devices
Input devices are any electronic device that are connected
to a computer and produces input signals.
Input Device
Output Devices

Output is the result of data processing activity when it

is presented externally to the system.

The output from a computer can be printed or

displayed form .

An output device is hardware that is capable of

delivering or showing information to one or more
users. An output device shows, prints and presents the
results of a computer’s work.
Output Device
Storage Devices

Information and documents are stored in a computer

storage so that it can be retrieved
whenever they are needed later on.

Computer storage is the holding of data in an

electromagnetic form for access by a
computer processor.
Activity 2:
Different types and the functions of peripheral
1. Printers
A printer is another example of an output device that can be
used to print text and graphics on mediums such as paper,
transparency film or even cloths.
In computing, a scanner is a device that
analyzes images, printed text, handwriting, or
objects (such as an ornament) and converts it
into a digital image
These are examples of scanners:

a. The flatbed scanner is the most common in offices.

b. Hand-held scanners are no longer used due to the difficulty in

obtaining a highquality image.

c. Digital camera scanners, that are based on the concept of

reprographic cameras.

d. Planetary scanners, which take photographs of books and


e. 3D scanners, for producing three-dimensional models of objects,

Hand-held scanners
LCD Projector

LCD projector is a type of video projector for

displaying video, images or computer data on
a screen or other flat surface. It is a modern
equivalent of the slide projector or overhead
Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras are electronic devices used to

capture and store photographs digitally, using the
memory card without using photographic film like
conventional cameras, or
recording images in an analog format to magnetic
tape like many video cameras.