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• Queen of sport- Track And Field

• King of sport- Football
• Our country religion - Basketball
• And most intelligence sports- Golf
and Tennis
How people can become “Big Stars” in
sport ?
1-must be gifted from God by very
good talent
2-need to find your talent exact in
that sport where you are gifted
3-you need to improve your skills
much as possible and train hard,
but with passion and always believe
in your desire
4-train honestly, give all your heart
to your desire
How Athletes makes big money?

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•Sport organizations
•Sport clubs
Richest football clubs :
1.Manchester United(England) Club value is
1,87 billion Dollars
2. Real Madrid(Spain) Club value is 1,353
billion Dollars
3. Arsenal(England) Club value is 1,200
billion Dollars
4. Bayern Munich(Germany) Club value is
1,110 billion Dollars
Richest European basketball

Οlympiakos budget is 35
million euros.
Cska comes second with 30
million euros.
Richest Athletes from different
• Tiger Woods is the highest paid professional golf player, he
has already earned from playing golf $127,902,706
• Tiger Wood's sponsors : AT & T , Nike , Gatorade , Accenture ,
American Express , General Mills , Gillete.
• Roger Federer is richest in tennis, in the mens game.
The reason being he has been very successful and also
he has deals with Nike, Rolex and Gillette.
• Roger Federer earns $25-30 million per yr. ( this is only
with her prize money and major contract with NIKE, not
counting all the other contracts, as well as ROLEX)
Top 10 Richest Football Players:
• 1. David Beckham £24.7m ($49.4m)
• 2. Ronaldinho £19.2m ($38.4m)
• 3. Lionel Messi £18.3m ($36.6m)
• 4. Cristiano Ronaldo £15.5m ($31m)
• 5. Thierry Henry £13.4m ($26.8)
• 6. John terry £11.08 ($22.16m)
• 7. Michael Ballack £11 ($22m)
• 8. Ronaldo £10.6m ($21.2m)
• 9. Kaka £10.2m ($20.4m)
• 10. Steven Gerrard £10m ($20m)
Top basketball players salaries by
playing position:
• 1. Kevin Garnett, Boston, $24.75million
• 2. Jermaine O'Neal, Toronto, $21.37million
• 3. Jason Kidd, Dallas, $21.37million
• 4. Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers, $21.26million
• 5. Paul Pierce, Boston, $18.07million
Track and field
At this time richest man in track and field
probably would be sprinter Usain Bolt
from Jamaica, who won 3gold medals
in Beijing olympics and broke 3world
records as well.
Advantages and disadvantages
of sports:
• Advantages: sport educate humans
willpower, self-confidence, resolution ,makes
strong and healthy body , prepare to be
patience, a lot of trips around the world, you
gain a self-worth.
• Disadvantages: if you are not lucky in sports
you can miss your business career, you can
be injured many times, you are not allowed to
drink and have party‘s at night-leisure time
must be always relaxing.


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