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The Church Celebrates the Sacraments

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the gift of sharing in Gods life that we receive in the sacraments Christian !nitiation.Vocabulary Words    Sacrament.the "rocess of becoming a member of the church though the sacraments of #a"tism$ Confirmation and %ucharist .an effective sign given to us by Jesus through which we share in God’s life Sanctifying Grace.

Vocabulary   Common Vocation.sharing in God’s goodness and res"onding to his love by the way we live our holiness that come through grace .the call to holiness and evangeli&ation that all Christians share 'oliness.

The Sacraments of !nitiation    #a"tism 'oly %ucharist Confirmation .

Sacraments of 'ealing   (econciliation )nointing of the Sic* .

atrimony .Sacraments of Service   'oly +rders .

Sacraments that uses 'oly +il     #a"tism Confirmation 'oly +rders )nointing of the Sic* .

!m"ortant Facts    Jesus Christ is the greatest sign of God’s love God sent his only son to save us and to show us how to live in his way of love #y continuing Jesus’ wor*$ the Church itself is a sign of God’s love and care .

!m"ortant Facts     )ll seven sacraments are signs of God’s "resence in our lives The sacraments are the most im"ortant celebrations of the church The "riest and other members of the church who "artici"ate in the sacraments re"resent the whole church The sacraments -oining Catholics all over the world with Jesus and with one another They unite us to the #ody of Christ .

#a"tism   !n #a"tism we are united to Christ and become "art of the #ody of Christ and "eo"le of God We are freed from original sin and all of our "ersonal sins are forgiven .

+riginal Sin  The sins of )dam and %ve$ when )dam ate the a""le .

Confirmation  We are sealed with the gift of the 'oly S"irit .

%ucharist   The %ucharist is the sacrament of the #ody and #lood of Christ )s a community of faith we are nourished by the %ucharist$ and God’s life in us is strengthened .

/ 1 2 0roclaim the good news of Christ to all "eo"le by what we say and do Share and give witness to our faith Grow in holiness .God calls each of us to.

embers of the church are reconciled with God and the church )fter 0enance your relationshi" with God and the entire church is made whole again .(econciliation   .

)nointing of the Sic*   This sacrament is offered to those who are near death 3uring this sacrament the "riest and those gathered "ray that the "erson might be healed .

'oly +rders    The mission and the authority that Jesus Christ gave to his a"ostles to continue in the church The bisho"s are the successors of the a"ostles The archbisho" is the Church official in this sacrament .

.atrimony   The bride and groom are the celebrants in this sacrament The "riest acts as the church officials .

Final Thought  We can follow our vocation in the single life$ marriage$ the religious life$ and the "riesthood .