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Rock Properties and In-Situ Saturation

Instructional Objectives
List the rock properties required to define the geological model Explain the difference between effective porosity and total porosity Explain the difference between absolute permeability, effective permeability, and relative permeability

The fraction of total volume that is available for the storage of fluids

Vb Vma Porosity Vb Vb Vp

Rock Matrix and Pore Space

Rock matrix

Pore space

Pore-Space Classification
Total porosity, t =
Total Pore Space Bulk Volume

Effective porosity, e =

Interconnected Pore Space Bulk Volume

Comparison of Total and Effective Porosities

Very clean sandstones : t = e Poorly to moderately well -cemented intergranular materials: t e Highly cemented materials and most carbonates: e < t

Permeability is a property of the porous medium and is a measure of the capacity of the medium to transmit fluids

Absolute Permeability
When the medium is completely saturated with one fluid, then the permeability measurement is often referred to as specific or absolute permeability

Effective Permeability
When the rock pore spaces contain more than one fluid, then the permeability to a particular fluid is called the effective permeability Effective permeability is a measure of the fluid conductance capacity of a porous medium to a particular fluid when the medium is saturated with more than one fluid

Relative Permeability
Relative permeability is defined as the ratio of the effective permeability to a fluid at a given saturation to the effective permeability to that fluid at 100% saturation

Calculating Relative Permeabilities


k ro

k eo k


k rw

k ew k



k eg k

In-Situ Saturation

Rock matrix


Oil and/or gas

Fluid Saturation
The saturation of the fluid is the fraction of the pore volume occupied by that fluid

Volume of fluid S Pore volume

Fluid Saturations
Basic concepts of hydrocarbon accumulation Initially, pore space filled 100% with water Hydrocarbons migrate up dip into traps Hydrocarbons distributed by capillary forces and gravity Connate water saturation remains in hydrocarbon zone

Determining Fluid Saturations

Core analysis Capillary pressure measurements Electric openhole logs

Exercise 1
What are the rock properties required in the definition of the geological model? 1.
2. 3.