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Presented by : Ashutosh Singh S/O Mr.

S Singh MBA 4th Semester

About TCS
Company Name: Tata Consultancy Services Founded: 1968 Industry: IT services , IT consulting Service Areas: Outsourcing, BPO and Software Products Headquarters : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Chairman : Ratan Tata

Consolidated Revenue: US$ 8.355 billion (2012)

CSR is a concept which suggests that commercial corporations must fulfill their duty of providing care to the society
Ethical behavior of a company (or business) towards society.

Promoting activities like engaging directly with local communities, identifying their basic needs, and integrating their needs with business goals and strategic intent.
The government perceives CSR as the business contribution

to the nations sustainable development goals.

Essentially, it is about how business takes into account the

economic, social and environmental impact of the way in which it operates.

CSR focus Action-Areas in India

Divisions For CSR

Education (Rs. 17.62 crores)
Adult Literacy Programme (ALP), UDAAN, EMPOWER, Academic Interface Programme (AIP),Advanced Computer Training Centre(ACTC), TCS IT Wiz, Rural IT Quiz,

Health (Rs. 42.42 crores)

Affirmative Action (Rs. 5.04 crores) Enviornment (Rs. 6.52 crores)

Med Mantra, Tata Medical Centre (TMC), Projects undertaken by CSR TECH Team

BPO employability Programme, COPA ITI Training Turtle hatchlings, Supports 270 plant species, Campaign to protect endangered tree species at Yantra Park

Adult Literacy Programme (ALP)

A Computer Based Functional Literacy Programme

undertaken in the year 2000 to address the impediments of illiteracy

through IT Among the first instances of use of IT core competence for social good in India By using multimedia, the product enables an individual to learn, reading, writing, and solving simple arithmetic problems in 45 to 50 hours. Graduates of Literacy program in West Africa

The programme is available in 9 Indian languages, 2 African languages

and Arabic. Since its inception, the ALP has reached 1,93,625 beneficiaries. In fiscal 2013, literacy was imparted to 11125 people. During the year, in partnerships with NGOs and academic institutions, 473 trainers were capacity built to conduct ALP programmes in Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Odisa and Marathi. One stop shop for all information related to the ALP, with provision

for registration, tracking and monitoring of users as well as gathering


Hindi ALP was deployed among the jail population in Lucknow

and New Delhi. In FY 13, the ALP reach in New Delhi

increased from 3 Jails to 10 jails. At Tihar Jail, New Delhi, a total of 300 inmates have been made literate through this programme.

ALP at Womens Jail in Tihar, New Delhi

Project UDAAN
Initiative for increasing employability of
Kashmiri Youth. Joint initiative between TCS, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Government of India and Special Industry Initiative. Help Kashmiri youth improve their

employability and employment opportunities.

TCS is the first organisation in India to sign MOU with NSDC. The 14 week training programme TCS has conducted two batches of training wherein 96 students graduated and 73 have been offered employment with the


An integrated Hospital Management System along with IT
infrastructure including a comprehensive and fully integrated, webbased solution has been provided free of cost to the Cancer Institute at Chennai. FY13 marked the successful implementation of all 17 modules of MedMantra which were transitioned to a support mode. 3,20,000 investigation results were reported and 125000 consultations

were performed.

Tata Medical Centre (TMC)

TCS designed and implemented comprehensive Hospital Management System running on a state of art IT infrastructure for TMC, Kolkata.

In FY13, TCS provided TMC with pro bono IT services valued at

Rs. 4.2 crores. Cancer care centre which will promote prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and palliation and research

It is being established to serve all sections of the Society, with 50% of the beds earmarked for the underprivileged sections. The Institutions mission is to excel in patient service, as well as education and research in the field of oncology. Strategic alliance and assistance from The Tata Memorial Hospital,


Services provided: Diagnostic services

Therapeutic services
Transfusion Medicines Surgical Oncology Therapeutic Nuclear Medicines Advanced Technologies

Radiation Therapy
Metabolic Imaging Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Rehabilitation Preventive Oncology International Patients Services

Projects undertaken
The CSR TECH Team uses technology as a key enabler to assist and resolve business challenges faced by social organisations while empowering them to be efficient and accountable

In FY13, the team provided end to end consultancy and architected

comprehensive solutions for health focussed NGOs such as

Operation Smile Retina India Foundation Childline India Foundation

Volunteering through TCS Maitree

Founded in February 2002 TCS Maitree strives to create a spirit of camaraderie among TCS associates and their families by organising social activities and events TCS Maitree encourages associates and their families to look upon themselves as a part of TCS extended family The initiatives undertaken through TCS Maitree cultivate and propagate volunteer-driven, meaningful activities for associates and their families Human Resources within TCS leads and facilitates all such associate engagement activities and programmes