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Aesthetics is defined as: The science or study of the quality of beauty an object possesses, and communicates to our perceptions through our senses. The aesthetic quality of a bridge involves our sensory perception of it. In recent years aesthetics has become an important component of bridge design, sometimes even more than the structural or construction issues.

Integration of aesthetics with the science and practice of engineering. Bridges for people Bridges by people Place Structurally expressive form Materials Colour The Helix Bridge,Singapore Lighting

SamuelFras Beckett Bridge, Dublin - -Ireland Octavo Bridge, Sao Paulo Brazil Railroad Bridge, Beipanjiang River - China

Designers are responsible for the look of bridges and must therefore consider appearance as a major design imperative along with strength, safety and cost. Aesthetic outcomes require the effort of a multidisciplinary team.

Curvy bridge Atlantic road , Norway

Aesthetic principles need not be costly. For example, designing the right shape of a parapet, abutment or pier might have a negligible impact on costs but a significant improvement visually. If a bridge is designed to be as cheap as possible then it is unlikely that it will be of aesthetic value. It is often the case that the cheapest bridge is not always the most cost effective solution. Durability and quality are related. This interrelationship between cost and aesthetics is especially important when the whole life cost of a bridge is considered.

A lack of collaboration in the design process will affect the aesthetic outcome. Likewise a balance must be achieved, from the inception of a project, between the requirements of the road engineers and the bridge engineer.

Bridges are used and viewed by the surrounding residents and the wider public. It is important to communicate to the community the essence of a design early enough in the bridge design process.

The ideal bridge is structurally straightforward and elegant. Society holds engineers responsible for the quality of their work, including its appearance. For the same reason engineers would not build a bridge that is unsafe, they should not build one that is ugly.

There are no fast rules or generic formulas conducive to outstanding visual quality in bridge design. Each bridge is unique and should be studied individually

Bosphorus bridge, Istanbul - Turkey