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Brindha Venkatesh

By K.ANBAZHAGAN M0208004 Magnus School of Business Bangalore

This is the research work undertaken to study the various factors causing the volatility of stock markets in India. Analyzing the fundamental factors such as indexes, share prices, FII’S, government stability and the technical factors which shows the past pattern of volatility of stock market over the years. Also the trading process and investment process.

eLakshya was incorporated in June 2007. Founded by N Sathish and Anantha Narayanan. eLakshya is primarily a wealth advisory distribution unit for financial products, mainly life and non-life insurance, health insurance and most of the mutual funds. They are dealing with Recruitment, Retailing & Road Journeys. They are doing Tax Return filing, property consultants.

 To study the existing trend and evolution of Equity Markets in India and application of the same.  To know the share trading process.  To know the investment process.

The securities market has two interdependent and inseparable segments, the new issues (primary) market and the stock (secondary) market. The primary market provides the channel for creation and sale of new securities, while the secondary market deals in securities previously issued. The securities issued in the primary market are issued by public limited companies or by government agencies.

 The NSE board of directors is the governing body made up as follows and elected by the members at the annual general meeting: 5 directors representing the stockbrokers 2 Directors representing listed companies 3 Directors representing institutional investors & THE PUBLIC  The chief executive as an executive director

The listing fees depend on the companies paid up capital at both NSE and BSE. While the initial listing fee at NSE is Rs.7,500, it is Rs.20,000 at BSE. The annual listing fees for a company with a paid up capital up to Rs. 5 Crores is Rs. 10,000 at BSE while it is Rs. 8,400 at NSE. For a company with paid up capital between 5 to 10 crores, BSE charges Rs. 15,000 while NSE charges Rs. 10,000.

 An automated trading system (ATS) is a computerized system for matching orders in securities. The main function of an ATS is to accept orders and match these according to the trading rules.  The NSE currently operates an automated trading system in the equities market segments.  The ATS rules stipulate the operational procedures for the NSE and the member users when using the ATS to trade in equities.

 Indian Securities Markets Corporatisation and Demutualization of Stock Exchanges.  Out of the 23 stock exchanges, 18 have since been corporatized and demutualised in 2007-08.  Foreign Investment upto 49% has been allowed in December 2006 in infrastructure companies in the securities markets.  In the Budget of 2005-06, SEBI was authorized to set up NISM for teaching and training intermediaries in the securities markets and promoting research. Equity Finance for the Small and Medium Enterprises.  Research in Securities Market.  Technology and Application Systems in NSE.

Age group
Less than 20 Above 50 10% 5% 41-50 10% 20-30 50% 31-40 25% Less than 20 20-30 31-40 41-50 Above 50

Their Educational details

Other 25% Post graduation 25%

PUC 20% Graduation 30%

PUC Graduation Post graduation Other

Thier Income details
Less than 10k 10% Above 30k 40% 10k-20k 20% Less than 10k 10k-20k 20k-30k Above 30k 20k-30k 30%

Their investments
Future contingencies 20% For investment Health care 10% Business 20% For investment 50% Business Health care Future contingencies

 During the study at the company I learnt a lot about the stock markets and also The trading process of share market.  This study of stock markets has helped me to gain some knowledge on the volatile nature of markets and the factors which influences the market volatility.  I also learn’t about the investment process and the corporate functioning and administrative control of the NSE.

Indian Equity Markets are Emerging markets in the world. Share markets are unpredictable, market capitalization are increasing in the markets. Trading volumes also increasing day by day. NSE is the first in the world which use satellite communication technology for trading .BSE is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. “Indian equity markets surely will become a developed market.”

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