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Bleach Bath Accelerator


A unique catalyst & desorbing agent designed to greatly

accelerate action of chlorine bleach on Indigo. It performs synergistically when used in chlorine bleach processes; enabling

substantial reductions in chlorine bleach

concentrations, bleach cycle time and/or process temperatures to achieve a given


Properties: Physical appearance Ionic nature pH of 1% solution Miscibility Compatibility Stability : : : : : : Buff colored powder Nonionic 7.5 1 Dispersible in water Compatible with nonionic, Anionic & cationic Stable

Features: Ensures over 50% reduction in chlorine bleach concentration & also half the reduction in time to achieve the same bleach effects. The reduction in dosage of Sodium hypochlorite and Processing time results in following benefits. Reduced fabric damage

Lower localized abrasion and streak


Reduced quantities of antichlor and

peroxide in subsequent steps gases and odour environment in

Reduced quantities of objectionable



Substantial reduction in bleach cycle time allowing for improved productivity. Bleaching process at lower temperatures allowing savings in fuel costs & energy costs. Vastly reduced effluent quantities Ecofriendly & environmentally safe.

Benefits in processing of tencel blends:

Tencel is a regenerated cellulosic fibre, advantageously used with cotton to give improved aesthetics and comfort. However tencel is easily damaged while bleaching with Sodium hypochlorite. Alquat BBA reduces the damage to the blended garment due to the reduction in the processing time as well as reduction in the damage due to Sodium hypochlorite solution. It also lowers the excessive fibrillation of tencel, which normally requires a biopolishing operation to be carried out subsequently

Application: It is a highly active chlorine bleach accelerant, & hence small amounts are sufficient to permit a high percentage reduction in chlorine bleach concentration. As a starting point, use 1.0-2.0% . Alquat-BBA & cut the amount of chlorine bleach by 50%. Other modifications of the bleach cycle, such as time should be made after the initial evaluations. Add the Alquat-BBA to the bath and agitate to uniformly disperse throughout the load prior to addition of the chlorine bleach. Peroxide neutralization may be required if whiter, brighter shades are desired.

Over View:
50% reduction in chlorine bleach concentration Reduced fabric damage Improved productivity Less load on effluent


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