Title of the Research Paper

 The Changing Identity of Female Diaspora: A Reading of Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake


Lahiri’s Writings Interpreter of Maladies The Namesake Unaccustomed Earthl .

.Jhumpa Lahiri  Born in London 1967 to Bengali parents  Raised in New York  Based in Brooklyn. NYC  Winner of the 2000 Booker Prize for Interpreter of Maladies  Pens down the experiences of immigrants.

. To discover whether contemporary diaspora Discourse opposes the traditional diaspora writings.Objectives of the Research Paper : To explore the images of Indian Diaspora Women in Lahiri‟s text The Namesake.

seems to subvert the typical image of Indian diaspora women as portrayed in the traditional Diaspora discourse. . in her writing.Hypothesis  Lahiri.

 Desire for the „liberal world‟ in the European countries. multicultural & multiracial societiesresult of opportunities offered by the New Horizons.Reasons for Immigration / Migration  Globalization  Multiethnic.  Attraction for „Greener Pastures‟ the new land offers. .  Forced Immigration especially in case of Indian women.

.Contemporary Diaspora Writers  Bharati Mukherjee  Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni  Bapsi Sidhawa  Kiran Desai  Jhumpa Lahiri etc.

Theme of the traditional Diaspora Discourse  Nostalgia  Feeling of Isolation  Identity Conflict  Failure / success in assimilation  Socio-cultural conflict  Language barrier .

Main Characters in “The Namesake”  Ashoke Ganguli & Ashima Ganguli Gogol Ganguli Sonia Ganguli .

. alone  faces language.  Gradually accepts the culture of „West‟.  Gets acquainted with the surrounding / people/ language of the „adopted land‟.  Accepts a job at library.Ashima‟s Life in The States  Feels nostalgic. creates her network of friends. socio-cultural barriers.

. Ashima chooses to shuffle in between the States & India.Continued  Confronts to the sudden & sad demise of Ashoke.  However.  Ashima throughout her life wishes to come back to her „Home Land‟.  After the death of Ashoke she has the option open to come back to India.

View of a Critic  “The Namesake is a documentary of immigrants' lives who feel displaced. alienated. far away from the homeland”(Rana Sujata)????? . floating in an anonymous island. and homesick.

.Conclusion  It seems that contemporary women „willingly‟accepting the states of being diaspora or acquiring the transnational identity on their own.


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