Using Drill Down Tab

When a user clicks on a slice of the Pie Chart.Using Drill  the Drill Down capability that allows charts to behave as selectors. the monthly sales for that branch are displayed in a Column Chart. .  Example: Visualization displays a Pie Chart that contains yearly sales for several branches.

Place a Pie Chart component on the canvas. 2. Place a Column Chart component on the canvas below the Pie Chart component. 3. For this example the spreadsheet should contain monthly sales data for different branches.Guide in Using Drill Down 1. . Open or create an Xcelsius 2008 file that includes the data you want to use.

Cont… 4. select the cells that contain the Sales Totals for the individual branches. Click the Data in Columns radio button to indicate that the data is organized in a column. . 5. click Enable Drill-Down. For this example. 6. On the Drill Down tab. The Drill Down settings can now be configured. 7. Double-click the Pie Chart component to open the Properties panel. Click the Values cell selector button and select the data range from the spreadsheet.

On the Insertion Type list. the range of cells should contain the columns of monthly sales data from January to December and the names of the branches. . For this example.  9. This will let you insert a row of data into the Destination range.Cont…  8. click Rows. Click the Source Data cell selector button and select the source data from the spreadsheet.

. Click the Column Chart component to open the Properties panel. Click the Destination cell selector button and select a range of cells from an empty row of the spreadsheet. This is the range of cells where the row of data (Branch name and sales Jan-Dec) will be inserted. Note: The cells must be empty or the drill down functionality will be compromised. 11.Cont…  10.

Cont… 12. 14. Click the Values (Y) cell selector button and starting with the first cell to the left of the cell selected in Step 12. 13. Click Data by Series. Click the Chart cell selector button and select the first cell of the Destination range selected for the Pie Chart. select the remainder of the range of empty cells you selected for the Destination range. click the plus button to add a series to the list box. .

the column chart will update to show the monthly sales data for the selected branch. Click the Category Labels (X) cell selector button to select the cells in the spreadsheet that contain the column headers. for this sample the months of the year.Cont…  15. As you click on slices of the Pie Chart.  16. Click the Preview button to view the interaction between the Pie Chart and Column Chart components. .

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