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Dabur at a glance
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Established in 1884 – More than 125 years of trust and excellence Among top 4 FMCG companies in India World‟s largest in ayurveda and natural healthcare Revenues of Rs 53.2 billion and profits of Rs. 6.4 billion in FY 2011-2012 12 brands with saes of over 1 billion each One of the largest distribution networks covering 5.8 million retailers across India



baby care. Asia.Dabur India Ltd: Business Divisions CONSUMER CARE DIVISION Range of personal care and health care products viz. skin care. US and Canada FOODS Dabur Foods Ltd. Australia. Africa.Hommade cooking pastes & Lemoneez . UK . hair care. oral care. a 100% subsidiary comprising Real Fruit Juices. health supplements and digestives CONSUMER HEALTH DIVISION Range of health care products comprising Ayurvedic medicines OTC Ayurvedic product INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DIVISION Dabur’s international business based in Dubai . Having operations in Middle East.

innovate offerings Growth strategy   Repositioning as FMCG company Changing branding strategy from umbrella to key brand strategy  Associations of the brand .Cornerstones of Dabur Marketing   Enter new category.

Cornerstones of Dabur Marketing Change of logo .

New Logo : Significance     The logo was changed to a tree with a younger look. The trunk represented three people raising their hands in joy. and warmth and energy were displayed through the soft orange color. multiple branches were chosen to convey growth. twin colors reflecting perfect combination of stability and freshness. .. The leaves suggesting growth. „Celebrating Life‟ was chosen as a new tag that completely summarized the whole essence. energy and rejuvenation. the broad trunk symbolized stability.

This acquisition gave Dabur new brands in toothpaste and balanced the portfolio Dabur's sales came from the northern and the eastern parts of the country while Balsara's were from the southern and the western parts of the country.Cornerstones of Dabur marketing     The company had adopted a combination of the organic and inorganic routes in fueling its growth. . which was neglected earlier. the company started serving the southern region of the country in 2002. it enhanced its product portfolio in the various product categories. Further. the company acquired the Balsara group of companies in 2005. Organically. On the inorganic growth front.


Cornerstones of Dabur Marketing     Cut down on all its low Contribution Brand Positioned itself as an Herbal specialist in the FMCG sector Filling up the gaps in Oral Care as well as Hair Care market Entered new potential areas and targeted the youth as well school children .

Cornerstones of Dabur Marketing  Changed its branding strategy by moving from the Umbrella Strategy to the Key brand Strategy  Categorized itself into five power brands  Dabur (HEALTHCARE)  Vatika (HAIR CARE)  Anmol (PERSONAL CARE)  Real ( JUICES)  Hajmola (DIGESTIVE SUPPLEMENTS) .

Different brands had different promotions 2. Sachets PRICE 1. Sizes: Available in different sizes 4. Currently Presence in over 50 countries PROMOTIONS 1. Hair and Healthcare products . Selective Price Reduction to increase Demand 3. Increasing its geographic spread to increase its sales revenues 2. Entered the South Indian Market 3. Expanding the International Market 4. Quality: High 3. Bottles. Signed cricketer Virendar Sehwag and his wife for selected Oral. Undertook the most advertising campaign with Mr.PRODUCT 1. Products have been divided into 5 power brands 2. Design: Available in Tetra Pack. variable pricing to reach each and every target segment 2. Bachchan endorsing Dabur brands 3. Cutting Price to stand out against competition Marketing Mix PLACE 1.

150 crore just on the advertising of Real “Fruit Juice” and “Real Active”.Cornerstones of Dabur Marketing       Adopted the INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION programme for Real in 2003 to increase its market share Dabur invested Rs. Targeted the Institutional market which included hotels and airlines Partnered with Institutional clients to provide value added services Training sessions and workshops for food and beverage professionals Tie-up with Discovery Channel .

Renovation of existing products to respond to changing demands (Toothpowder to Toothpaste) Acquire Acquisitions critical for building scale in existing categories & markets Should be synergistic and make a good strategic fit Target opportunities in our focus markets .Execution of strategy         Expand Strengthening presence in existing categories and markets as well entering new geographies Maintain dominant share in categories where we are category builders like Health Supplements. and expand market shares in other categories Calibrated international expansion – local manufacturing and supply chain to enhance flexibility / reduce response time to change in market demands Innovate Strong focus on innovation.a. Have rolled out new variants & products which have contributed to around 5-6% of our growth p. Honey etc.

Dabur Nepal Private Limited: Dabur Nepal was the first manufacturing base overseas for Dabur group. Real is today the market leader in this category with more than 50 per cent market share. is spearheading Dabur's foray into food processing industry. Dabur Egypt Limited: Dabur Egypt is group's gateway to Africa.Execution of strategy Subsidiary units under the umbrella of the Dabur India Organisation  Dabur Foods Limited: Dabur Foods Limited. Dabur was the first company in India to introduce fruit juices in packaged form without any artificial additive. a 100 per cent subsidiary of Dabur India Limited. This manufacturing base set up a couple of years back to cater to the demands of Middle East and African market is producing Hair Care. The company is today the leading exporter of Nepal and the third largest and most modern manufacturing base for Dabur.   . Skin Care Products and foods.

Vivek Oberoi.5 per cent in 2003-04. .  Changes in packing across all products. Rani Mukherjee and Virender Sehwag for endorsements. New packaging and advertising campaign saw the sales of Chyawanprash grow by 8. Dabur associated itself with Amitabh Bachchan. Dabur decided to revamp its brand identity.Execution of marketing strategy   Dabur Foods has a distribution network that covers 175 towns and 75 thousand retail outlets making its product available to the consumers across the country at ease.

Astra . The company has concentrated its outdoor campaign in the four major markets – Mumbai.Shopkeepers selling Dabur India's consumer products would now learn marketing through role-plays staged by professional actors at their shops. Chandigarh. agricultural implements. called Kisan Seva Kendras. IOC‟s rural retail outlets. sell a host of products including financial services. Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. farm inputs such as seeds and pesticides as well as vegetables and stationery. . Dabur‟s 2nd biggest brand Real has carried a powerful outdoor campaign to promote Real in a new avataar. with brand ambassador Sonali Bendre Behl.Execution of marketing strategy     Tie-up with IOC for rural marketing.

Trade-off    Dabur also de-merged its pharmaceutical business to come out as a pure FMCG player Similarly Pan Masala product was discontinued to retain the image of Healthcare company. Cut down on all its low Contribution Brand and consolidated the product line. .

Incase of animated commercials consumers may not be able to understand the difference between real world and fantasy. . Product is lost in various ad campaign shuffle.e consumer gets tired or confused about the same star endorsing various products. building awareness of each could become expensive. With so many products. may result in overkill i.Risk     With increase in Celebrity Endorsement to connect with consumers.

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