infrastructure and facility improvement for quality education. .    Provides scholarships.‗ Monetary donations of KRW 35 million by Tata Daewoo for delivery of coal briquette. Story of Bhamchandra High School Training program for teachers in Jeonbuk. South Korea. and an alliance with Gunsan Yongkwang Girls' Middle School was formed under the 'Company School Alliance Program.

      Collaborated with 112 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) across 19 states under the Institute Management Committee (IMC) Model. 13 crore. partnership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). 'Driver Training Programme' with a target of training 3. employing more than 1000 women achieved a turnover of Rs. Training provided to women through Self Help Groups at plant level. Jaguar Land Rover – the ASAS.4 million youth over a period of ten years. For UK's workforce. Tata Motors South Africa forged an alliance with the Engineering Faculty at the University of Pretoria. Grihini Social Welfare Society. .

. Reduction of Green House Gas emissionCO2 by 22.10% reduction in winter electric consumption.     Recycle of close to 69% of wood packaging.581. (LNG) was used instead of oil to promote use of eco-friendly energy fuel . To make Tata Daewoo a self-regulating company for environment standards.62 tonnes of CO2 while total energy consumed per vehicle produced has also decreased. Toxic Free Tata Daewoo in Korea. At Jamshedpur and Lucknow. eliminating the use of fresh wood. the wet garbage from the canteens is converted to usable organic manure to sustain greenery in the plants.


.      Partnership with Smile Train empowers surgeons to provide free corrective surgery for children with cleft lip and palette deformities. Training provided to rural health workers (foot doctors) to cure minor ailments in their allocated areas. hospitals and clinics. Mobile Health Clinics. Land Rover supporting national Red Cross societies in 15 countries – ‗Priority Programme‘. Tata Motors Thailand also extended vehicular support to raise funds for helping the Tsunami and Earthquake victims of Japan. AIDS awareness campaigns are conducted for truck drivers. awareness camps.


Best CSR Practice Award by ET Now.        ‗Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility' for 2011. Pantnagar Plant won 'CII . Lucknow plant was conferred the 'Greentech Environment Silver Award' for Outstanding achievement in Environment Management' in the automobile sector for 2011. 'Hellen Keller Award' for CSR.Environmental Best Practices Award 2012'. . 'Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility' at 51st Annual Awards Nite of the Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI). 'CII Award' for Corporate Sustainability Reporting. 'Bombay Natural History Award' for Green Governance.


‖ Strategic Pillars  Innovation  Integration  Transparency  Employee Engagement .―At GM. It is an approach that is executed by every function at every level of our Company. we view sustainability as a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value.


      Community Diversity Environment GM Foundation GM Global Aid Safety .

Since our state-of-the-art powertrain facility in Tashkent. Our impact today is especially prominent in emerging markets. as well as serving as a model of environmental sustainability. more than 160 college students have gained work experience in our plant. The facility has brought 270 jobs to the area. In southern Brazil. Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. helped to expand its public transportation and develop a local base of suppliers. which has helped to establish such training as a best practice in Uzbekistan. we have brought 700 jobs to this developing city and are considered to be one of its best employers.     Helping community organizations across the country improve their delivery of initiatives that touch these key areas: education. environment and energy. health and human services. began production in 2011. Technology. We‘ve built student content and classroom-ready lesson plans to help inspire students to pursue Science. . and community development. During the past 3 years. our new engine plant in Joinville is helping to promote economic and social development. Uzbekistan.

and community development Dealers — GM dealer development is the umbrella organization supporting our diverse dealer network. Suppliers — GM‘s Supplier diversity Program is responsible for developing a competitive. diverse supply base diversity efforts is its strong commitment to the global advancement of women. Communities —GM and the GM Foundation support diversity by helping community organizations across the country improve their delivery of initiatives that touch these key areas: education. and our vehicles are sold in more than 120 countries.       We drive diversity throughout our organization by focusing on five areas: Customers — GM has customers around the world. health and human services. environment and energy. GM was a lead sponsor and contributor to the Global Advancement of Women Conference in Brazil hosted by Working Mother Media. In 2012. Employees —We invest in training programs. . 12 different employee resource groups and many other programs to help facilitate an inclusive workplace of choice.

advances the development of electric vehicles as a way to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and have a positive impact on the environment. In India. which helps us utilize alternative energy— allowing us to conserve energy and lessen our impact on the environment.  From things like building design and maintenance of wildlife habitats on our property. a collaboration of the Society of Indian Automotive Industry and the Ministry of Heavy Industry. The plan. to clean-up and redevelopment of Brownfield sites. GM has played a critical role in the creation of the National Electric Mobility Mission plan 2020. . We also proud to say that we have the largest rooftop solar panel installation in the world.

100 students. health and human services.5 million dollars annually in scholarship money to 1.000. and community development. The GMF supports a variety of activities in four major areas: education. And the best part? These $25. . potentially making the value of the scholarship worth up to $100. environment and energy. Currently.000 annual scholarships are renewable for up to four years. The Buick and the General Motors Foundation donates $4.

2011: $200.000 and over a dozen Chevrolet Silverado to areas in the Midwest hit hardest by flooding and tornadoes 2011: Several full sized vans and $100.000 donated to earthquake relief efforts in Christchurch.000 to the American Red Cross to purchase supplies for victims of Joplin. MO. feed and provide emotional support to disaster victims and emergency personnel.000 to Australian Red Cross in addition to vehicle donations and other donations made by GM Holden employees . New Zealand 2010: GM and the GM Foundation have donated over $1. GM Global Aid has facilitated contributions to assist in many natural disasters. including: 2011: The GM Foundation donates over $500.        Financial support from the General Motors Foundation is enabling the American Red Cross to purchase supplies and rush disaster relief services to communities affected by the Tennessee and Kentucky floods.000 to Japan to help with Tsunami relief 2011: Donates $100. the Red Cross mobilizes volunteers and supplies into affected areas to shelter. When disaster strikes.000. Most recently.000 to Haitian earthquake relief efforts 2009 Australian wildfires: Over $100.

like advanced automatic crash notification. during the 2013 model year. as we work on technology improvements in crash avoidance and crashworthiness to augment the post-event benefits of OnStar. . We also support development of a driver Alcohol detection System for Safety (dAdSS). In the 2013 model year. we introduced two industry-first air bag technologies. Much of our advanced safety development is focused on automatic driving technology. GM was honored to offer 16 vehicles that earned a top-safety-pick rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and 16 vehicles that earned a 5-Star New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).     Quality and safety are at the top of the agenda at GM.


Values include the Global Sullivan Principles.TATA MOTORS  GENERAL MOTORS     First Indian Company to publish Corporate sustainability Report Believes that Primary purpose of Business should be to Improve quality of life of people Believes in Conserving the nature for future generation so all production unit are ISO 14001 certified Runs a immediate TATA relief camp and help during natural calamities    Address the health and vitality of global communities through financial contributions. Operations in more than 200 countries on six continents. safety and education. and to addressing needs for innovation and technology. which they endorsed in 1999. in-kind donations and volunteer initiatives Dedicated to improving health. .