The future of car wash

Do it yourself Automated car washes Hand car washes cafes

And now……..ECO car wash centre

THE CAR WASHING PHENOMENON Time poor population Leisure seeking Car dependent Status conscious Spatially restricted Key = service delivery system .

THE ENVIRONMENT  Water restrictions  Competitive impact  Environmentally “kudos”  The importance of being green Need = indulgence with the clear conscience .

THE COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT  Fixed sites – Quality and consistency (service/pricing) – Convenience  Mobile car detailing – Efficiency – Image – Limited market Industry highly fragmented .

THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY • Global trend towards lifestyle oriented & environmentally sustainable business • The backing of a proven and multi-award winning international franchise system • A unique service delivery system an exclusive product range • The freedom to be your own boss and drive your own destiny .

California . Qatar – Africa: Sudan and Egypt – Europe: France. Jordan. UAE. Florida. Greece & Cyprus – USA: Nevada. Kuwait.STORY  Commenced its operation in march 2004  Australia : national franchise system Nearly all the states of Australia  International: – Middle east: Saudi Arabia. Monaco. Bahrain.


STORY • 2007 & 2008 won many awards like emerging franchise system • 2009 won the award for business enterprise from FCA • Ranked 4th nationally in 2010 franchise satisfaction survey • And many financial and social awards .

SERVICE • • • • • • Waterless Mobile Convenient Consistent Unique results Protection system ongoing Anywhere can be a car wash .

PRODUCT RANGE Totally waterless process Unmatched performance Protection system Silicon free Exclusives rights Eco wash mobile product franchise .

COMPLETE AND EXCLUSIVE .PRODUCT RANGE Waterless wash/polish Glass treatment Plastic/vinyl cleaners Plastic/ vinyl protector Tyre dressing Insect cleaner Wheel cleaner Leather cleaner Leather conditioner Carpet/fabric cleaner Bumper renovator Scratch remover Paint renovator Polishing cloth STATE OF THE ART.

PRODUCT PRODUCT RANGE RANGE A complete range All fits in the back of the mobile units Exclusives to our franchisees NO retail sales .

EXTERIOR Glass treatment Polish and protection Mirror finish Chrome and plastic Scratch removal Wheels and tyres .

INTERIOR Inner glass treatment Plastic protection Carpet vacuum(stain removal) leather cleaning .

windows & vacuum Extreme Eco wash: Combination of above + bumper renovator and a mirror finish 200 Bumper renovation 900 1000 1200 Excessive bug/tar removal Motorcycle eco wash Excessively dirty wheels 600 300 150 150 .RATE CHART Eco wash Standard car (Rs. 200 300 400 500 Basic eco wash: exterior wash & polish Premium eco wash: basic eco wash + interior trim.) Med size 4W(R s.) 300 700 Large More exciting eco wash mobile 4W(Rs. service options ) Carpet/fabric shampoo 500 1000 Leather seat treatment Superficial scratch removal 600 Paint renovation Rs.

FRANCHISE FORMAT • • • • • • Vast opportunity and application The eco wash brand and image Fully developed and unique system Centralized training. marketing and support Independence and life style Model for wealth creation .

OPERATION MANUALS Administration Operations Service Procedures Sales and marketing Territory management .


32.FRANCHISE FEE (exc. GST) • Exclusive territory rights + 1 mobile unit license – Rs.000 each • Franchise management fee – Rs.000/ month for each additional mobile unit) – No monthly fee until the end of the 3rd full month .000 per territory • Additional mobile unit licenses – Rs. for the first mobile unit (Rs. 10. 18.


00.ADDITIONAL COST • Apart from franchise establishment fee we need a good location in the city: – Need a spacious shop – Rs.000 approx • And marketing cost: – Rs 40.00. 1.000 approx TOTAL INVESTMENT OF RS.000 (INC GST) .00.45. 50.

NEXT STEP • Franchising regulations • Eco wash disclosure documents & franchise agreement • Territory selection (MUMBAI) • Franchise application form & questionnaire • Execution of franchise agreement • Eco wash operation manuals & training • Marketing plan & implementation .

• Open the branches in the vehicles crowded areas like malls & different parking lots. • Attractive yearly packages to the customers in quarterly.FUTURE MARKETING PLAN • Alliance with all the authorized dealers of the cars & bikes. • First wash free of cost. half yearly & yearly basis. .

INCOME MODEL ASSUMPTIONS • The following income models are projection only and are based on the potential of an individual franchise territory. • Actual income will be largely dependent on the initiative and motivation of the individual franchisee. • Assumes: – Average hourly rate of Rs. 4000/hour per operator .

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