Possessing great personality might help you to reach ultimate goal. — . Human personality is an interesting blend of behavior and characteristics. sex and financial status. — In fact everybody likes to admire people who have great personality regardless of age.— — Every person is unique having particular characteristics.

NATURE OF PERSONALITY Personality reflects individual differences— Each individual has a special set of inner characteristics. and is thus unique by himself. Some individual are highly sociable whereas some are low on sociability. — — Personality is a useful concept because it enables us to categorize consumers into different groups on the basis of one or even several traits. .

— Personality is only one of a combination of factors that influence how a consumer behaves. . However.Personality is consistent and enduring— Marketers cannot change consumers personalities to conform to their products. — An individual's personality tends to be both consistent and enduring. they can attempt to appeal to the relevant traits inherent in their target group of consumers. if they know which personality characteristics influence specific consumer responses.

or a significant career promotion. such as the birth of a child. There are changes in personality as a man matures slowly. We find many aggressive persons mellow down as they advance in years. — — .Personality can change— — Under certain circumstances personalities change. a divorce. An individual's personality may be altered by major life events. the death of a loved one.

Freudian Theory Jungian Theory Non Freudian Theories .

.Freudian Theory Freudian theory • Modern psychology has been greatly shaped by psychoanalytic theory of personality put forward by Sigmund Freud • Human motivation is a result of unconscious needs and drives.

There are 3 elements of personality ID EGO Superego .

ID EGO SUPER EGO Primal desires Basic Nature Reason and SelfControl The Quest for Perfection .

I want a chocolate Eat a small bar of Chocolate You’re on a diet .

imagination. — Usually done through long-term above-the-line advertising and appropriate packaging and graphics.) to a brand as a way to achieve differentiation.BRAND PERSONALITY — Brand personality is as if 'making the brand come alive'. warmth. — The attribution of human personality traits (seriousness. . etc.

— These traits inform brand behavior through both prepared communication / packaging. and through the people who represent the brand . — The way in which it speaks of its products or services shows what kind of person it would be if it were human. . etc. — A brand without a personality has trouble gaining awareness and developing a relationship with customer.its employees.

imaginative. wholesome. cheerful) • Excitement (daring. charming) • Ruggedness (outdoorsy. successful) • Sophistication (upper class.Brand Personality Dimensions • Sincerity (down-to-earth. intelligent. up-to-date) • Competence (reliable. honest. tough) . spirited.

• Sincerity -Hallmark. Kodak. BMW. Coke • Excitement -Pepsi • Competence -Hewlett Packard. Marlboro . Wall Street Journal • Sophistication -Mercedes.Channel • Ruggedness – Nike.

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