Week 4: Women, War, and Animated Film

Daisy Yan Du
Assistant Professor Division of Humanities Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Ambiguity .

History of Chinese Animation * Fathers of Chinese Animation * Wan Laiming 萬籟鳴 (1899-1997) * Wan Guchan 萬古蟾 (1899-1995) * Wan Chaochen 萬超塵 (1906-1992) * Wan Dihuan 萬滌寰 (1907-present). .

1922 an advertisement for Shanghai Commercial Press * Uproar in an Art Studio. Resistance.History of Chinese Animation * Development *Su Zhendong’s Chinese Typewriter. 1926 the first animated short in China * 1932-1937: Lianhua and Mingxing Studios patriotic/resistance animated shorts eg. The Painful Story of a Nation .

1937 * Mingxing burned * Lianhua bombed * Tianyi/Shaw Brothers relocated to Hong Kong * Wan Brothers went to the Hinterland Chongqing (wartime capital): resistance films .History of Chinese Animation * Shanghai Film Industry in 1937 • * Anti-Japanese War: July 7.

History of Chinese Animation * Wartime Shanghai Film Industry (1937-1945) * Zhang Shankun * Xinhua/Huaxin/Huacheng Film Studio 1938 * Lianhe Film Studio 1940 * Kawakita Nagamasa * China Movie Company .

History of Chinese Animation * Wartime Shanghai Film Industry (1937-1945) * Zhang Shankun * Kawakita (Shanghai) & GMD (Chongqing) Pro-Japanese? Anti-Japanese? * Entertainment Strategy Past Romance Non-political? Escapist? .

History of Chinese Animation * Wartime Shanghai Film Industry (1937-1945) * Zhang Shankun * double arrest (Japanese & GMD) * Ambiguity of Entertainment collaboration & resistance either or? neither nor? both and? * no clear-cut boundary: gray area. spectrum .

History of Chinese Animation * Wartime Shanghai Film Industry (1937-1945) * Zhang Shankun * Wan Brothers returned to Shanghai in 1939 * Princess Iron Fan. Shanghai. 1938 . Disney. 1941 * the first animated feature film in China/Asia * Snow White.

2011 . violence. 1941 * Women and Wartime Nationalism * wartime nationalism: masculine. virgin warrior * patriotic prostitutes eg. soldiers. life or death * co-opting women into wartime nationalism * Hua Mulan. patriotism.Princess Iron Fan. clear-cut national boundary friend or enemy. The Flowers of War. Zhang Yimou.

1941 * Women and Wartime Nationalism * women’s discontents eg.” Virginia Woolf.Princess Iron Fan. Britain. As a woman I want no country. 1938 eg. “As a woman I have no country. Eileen Chang’s wartime writings .

Li Xianglan (aka Shirley/Yoshiko Yamaguchi) China Nights (1940) . 1941 * Women and Wartime Nationalism * women’s discontents eg.Princess Iron Fan.

1941 * Women in Princess Iron Fan * Princess Iron Fan as a resistance film? anti-Japanese? pro-Japanese? * the two women’s roles? Princess Iron Fan Fox Spirit/mistress of Bull Demon King .Princess Iron Fan.

humorous . naked woman gags. 1941 * Princess Iron Fan: Ambiguity * the involvement of Kawakita film stock.Princess Iron Fan. slapstick. capital exportation to Tokyo in 1942 * entertainment strategy: soft depicting the past (escapist?) triangle love flirtation.

Princess Iron Fan. 1941 * Princess Iron Fan: Ambiguity * indirect resistance/nationalist message Tripitaka’s speeches to the masses Bull Demon King=Japan final battle=anti-Japanese war deleted slogan: “to strive for the final victory in the anti-Japanese war” anti-Japanese animated shorts in the 1930s .

Princess Iron Fan. mass mobilization * Princess Iron Fan * refuses to offer her fan for the collective cause * highlight her personal sufferings * part of the war. 1941 * Women. collective cause * war between Tripitaka and Bull King masculine. and Wartime Nationalism * journey to the west: Buddhist sutras. national salvation. Ambiguity. apart from the war * a failed Hua Mulan? . violent.

and Wartime Nationalism * Fox Spirit * a failed patriotic prostitute? * female sexuality carefully controlled and sublimated in nationalist narratives eg. 1941 * Women. The Flowers of War (2011) eg.Princess Iron Fan. The Goddess (1934) . Ambiguity.

1942 . 1941 * Is Princess Iron Fan the protagonist of this film? Princess Iron Fan in Tokyo.Princess Iron Fan.

Compare and contrast it with New Women and The Goddess. 1941 * Analyze the sequence: Monkey worms his way into Princess Iron Fan’s stomach in order to obtain her fan.Princess Iron Fan. * Analyze the ending. .

1961-1964) https://www.Assignment * Watch the two films after class.com/watch?v=d_sYUUz49Fs Mulan (Disney.youtube.ustream.tv/recorded/5520662 . Havoc in Heaven 大鬧天宮 (Wan Laiming. 1998) http://www.