• a symbol, a sign, slogan or name used to mark a product to distinguish it from other products. The terms "trademark", "tradename" and "brandname" are interchangeably used. • A trademark is a market-related intangible asset. • When a trademark is purchased, the cost includes the purchase price plus costs directly attributable to the acquisition.

rather than enhance or increase the future economic benefits from the asset. the cost includes expenditures required to esbtablish it including filing fees. • If the trademark is successfully prosecuted or defended. . registry fee and other expenses incurred in securing the trademark such as design cost of the trademark.Trademark • When a trademark is internally developed. the litigation cost is an outright expense because such cost is simply intended to maintain.

Customer List • A customer list is a customer database containing the name. contract information. order history and other vital and social statistics • An acquired customer list may be recognized as an intangible asset. However an internallygenerated customer list shall not be recognized as an intangible asset. .

airport.concession operator.Service Concession • an arrangement between a private sector entity and public sector entity whereby the private sector entity shall provide services in order that the public could access to major economic facilities.a public sector entity which is the party that grants the service concession arrangement. . • Two parties in a service concession arrangement . for example. bridge and telecommunication network.a private sector entity . expressway.grantor.

Service Concession • Under the local parlance. not by the concession operator. • A service concession agreement should be recognized as an intangible asset when the operator has received a . • At the end of the arrangement. operate and transfer" or BOT. the residual interest in any infrastructure asset constructed as part of the arrangement is controlled by the grantor. • The concession operator is paid for the services over the period of the arrangement and in return has the obligation to provide public services. thsi scheme is the equivalent of "build.