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Definition of E-Commerce History of E-commerce Successes Player In E-commerce Fail Player In E-commerce Classification of E-Commerce
Business To Business(B2B) Business To Business To Consumer(B2B2C) Business To Consumer(B2C) Consumer To Business (C2B) Consumer To Consumer (C2C) Government To Citizen(G2C) Government To Business(G2B)

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Business Models In E-commerce Advantage of E-Commerce SWOT Analysis of E-Commerce Pestle Analysis of E-Commerce Challenges For E-Commerce Limitations of E-Commerce

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Introduction of M-Commerce Examples of M-Commerce Applications of M-Commerce Advantage of M-Commerce Disadvantages of M-Commerce Challenges For M-Commerce


and information via computer network. • EC can be defined from these perspectives • buying and selling of goods and services • servicing customers • collaborating with business partners • conducting electronic transactions within an organization . including the Internet. services. selling. transferring. or exchanging products.DEFINITION OF E-COMMERCE • E-commerce describes the process of buying.

and EC software . • Than inter organizational system(IOS) • The term Electronic Commerce was coined at the time of World Wide Web introduced in 1990. protocols.BRIEF HISTORY OF E-COMMERCE • EC applications were developed first in the early 1970s that is electronic funds transfer(EFT). • Nowadays e-commerce is success sector because of development of new networks.

com • Drugstore.com • Campusfood.SUCCESSE PLAYER IN E-COMMERCE • During the last few year we have seen extremely successful virtual companies such as • eBay • Alloy.com • Homeshop.com • Cisco • General Electric • IBM • Intel and many more .

com • Verticalnet.com • Wedvan.com • Boo.com • Ventro.com • Xpeditor.com  Well-known B2B Failures • Chemdex.com • Marchafirst.com .com • Drkoop.FAIL PLAYER IN E-COMMERCE  Well-known B2C Failures • eToys.

CLASSIFICATION OF E-COMMERCE • • • • • • • • • Business To Business(B2B) Business To Business To Consumer(B2B2C) Business To Consumer(B2C) Consumer To Business (C2B) Consumer To Consumer (C2C) Government To Citizen(G2C) Government To Business(G2B) Business-To-Employees (B2E) E-Learning .

Business To Business(B2B) Business To Business e-commerce refers to transaction between businesses conducted electronically over the internet.com(financing service) • Stamps.com(travel services) • Garage. also know as eB2B(electronic B2B) For Example • Marks & Spencer’s Applications • ingrammicro.com • Rosenbluth.com(law firms) .

who sell the services to customer) . For Example • Qantas’ Pan Pacific(provide travel service such as airline tickets and hotel room to business partners such as travel agencies.Business To Business To Consumer(B2B2C) In Business To Business To Consumer(B2B2C) Ecommerce model in which a business provides some product or service to a client business that maintains its own customers like Wholesaler-toretailer-To-Consumer merchandising.

com(for office supplies) • Mattel.Business To Consumer(B2C) Business To Consumer(B2C) e-commerce includes retail transactions of products and services from business to individual shoppers.com( for toys shopping) • Espn. • Amazon.com(for online shopping) .com(entertainment) • Homeshop.com(for book and music shopping) • Dell.com(for computer hardware and software) • Fogdog.com(for sport goods) • Officedepot.

For example Priceline.Consumer To Business (C2B) The Consumer To Business (C2B) category includes individuals who use the internet to sell product or services to organization.com .

Consumer To Consumer (C2C) • Consumer To Consumer (C2C) E-commerce model in which individuals use the Internet to sell products or services to organizations or individuals who seek sellers to bid on products or services they need For example Auctions OLX.com Greatshop.com Buyit.com .com eBay.com Auctionanything.com Targetbarter.

. Foe example on site of RTO.Government To Citizen(G2C) • Government To Citizen(G2C) category includes all the interactions between a government and its citizens that can place electronically. and make appointments for vehicle emission inspections and driving tests. pay traffic tickets. citizens can review driver’s licenses.

S online auctions site) .com(U. • Gsa.(government selling to businesses and providing them with services and businesses selling products and service to government) • The relationship work two way: government-tobusiness and business-to-government.Government To Business(G2B) • Government To Business(G2B) category that includes interactions between Government and business.gov • auctionrp.

com Turbolinux.E-LEARNING • The online delivery of information for purposes of training or education • • • • • For example Harvard.com Irjadeja.com Trainingmag.com .

OLX.com) .com.com) Name your own price(Priceline.com) Group purchasing(Accompany.com) Find the best price(Hotwire.com) Online auctions (ebay.com) Membership(Netmarket.com) Bartering(BIgVine.BUSINESS MODELS IN E-COMMERCE • • • • • • • • • Online direct marketing(Amazon.com) Product and services customization(Dell.com) Information brokers(Google.

E-COMMERCE ADVANTAGE FOR ORGANIZATION • • • • • • • • • • The Global Market Cost Effective And Reduction Supply Chain Improvements Customization Gives Freedom To Make Choice New Business Models Lower Communication Costs Improved Customer Relations Up-to Date Company Material No City Business Permits And Fees .

E-COMMERCE ADVANTAGE FOR CONSUMERS • • • • • • • More Product And Services Cheaper Product And Services Instant Delivery Information Availability Participation In Auctions Electronic Communications No Sales Tax .

E-COMMERCE ADVANTAGE FOR SOCIETY • Higher Standard of Living • Hope For The Poor • Availably of Public Services .

SWOT ANALYSIS OF E-COMMERCE STRENGTH lower operational costs than a brick-and-mortar retailer WEAKNESS The customers’ inability to touch the products OPPORTUNITIE The online merchant needs to stay current and be willing to adopt new features as they arise THREATS The ease with which companies can start an e Commerce site is a constant threat .

supporting e-filing of tax returns .PESTLE ANALYSIS OF E-COMMERCE Political Factors • Number of government initiatives that promotes development and use of new technologies. • Public policies of the Government for the support to the growth of electronic transactions and processes. For example.

Cont… Economic Factors • • • • • • • Economic growth Average income Cost of technology (hardware and software) Innovation in business models Cost of access to telecommunication infrastructure Advancement of banking in payment system Commercial infrastructure .

Cont… Social Factors • • • • • • No. of online users Level of education IT skills and computer literacy Willingness to adopt new technology Skilled workforce culture .

Cont… Technological Factors • Internet service provider • Range of services provided • Access to new technology developments • Technological problem • Speed of development and implementation of new technology by industry sector • Speed of internet .

CHALLENGES FOR E-COMMERCE • • • • • • Security issues Legal issues Reliable Logistics and Supply Chain Trust and risk Customer Acquisition Customer Service .

• There is an increasing amount of fraud on the internet. • Some customer like to feel and touch product.LIMITATION (NON TECHNOLOGICAL) • Security and privacy concerns deter customers from buying. . • Lake of trust in e-commerce and in unknown seller hinders buying. faceless transactions. • People do not yet sufficiently trust paperless.

• Software development tools are still evolving • Special web serves are needed in addition to the network servers. and reliability. • Internet accessibility is still expensive and inconvenient .LIMITATIONS (TECHNOLOGICAL) • Lack of universally accepted standards for quality/ security.


also known as M-commerce and M-business. • M-commerce refers to the conduct of E-commerce via wireless devices or from portable device .INTRODUCTION OF M-COMMERCE • Mobile commerce.

com(for information)  Amazon.com(for shopping)  Hdfcbank.com(for application downloading)  Nokia OVI(for music.com(for banking)  Televend.com(for contact information)  Mobile.yahoo.EXAMPLES  Room33.com(for contact information)  Justdialled. software)  DoCoMo i-Mode(in Japan) .com(for micropayment)  Getjer.

Stock trading.APPLICATIONS OF M-COMMERCE • • • • • • • • Shopping Guides Maps and Transportation Ticketing News and Reports Personalized movie service Entertainment Dining and reservations Additional Services (Banking. Dictionary service) .

Convenience 8. Expansive Target Audience 9. Personalization 10. Increasing Productivity . Time Saving 11. Flexible To Access 6. Reducing Time To Order 5. Providing Wider Reach 2. Reducing Transaction Cost 3. Easy Connectivity 7.ADVANTAGE OF M-COMMERCE 1. Competitive Pricing 4.

User interface is often difficult to learn how to use 6.DISADVANTAGES OF M-COMMERCE 1.e. WAP and SMS limited to small number of characters and text. streaming videos. etc. 4. Standards guiding applications and technology development and connection 3. Use of graphics limited 5. Limited bandwidth . Small screens of most devices still limit types of file and data transfer (i.) 2.

3g networks and wireless broadband networks are predominantly located in cities) 9. Security of data moved across some mobile and wireless networks .Cont… 8. display capabilities. processing power. Limited roll out of higher bandwidth mobile networks and devices (i. High Cost of establishing mobile and wireless broadband infrastructure 10.e. Technology constraints of mobile devices (memory. input methods) 11.

3. Safety and security. 1. such as. Connectivity. 2..CHALLENGES FOR M-COMMERCE • When focusing more on the mobile shopping experience. Transactional issues Post Transaction issues Screen size. many of these barriers for m-commerce can be overcome. 4. . 5.

. • Use We can use E-commerce to only those places where we have net connectivity. in M-commerce. transactions are done on a cellular and mobile device. but with M-commerce we are free from all such boundaries.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN E-COMMERCE & M-COMMERCE • Transactions In E-commerce. • Requirement E-commerce not only needs internet but also electricity where as there is no such requirement with M-commerce. transactions are done by internet using laptop and desktop while.

. charging the user’s bill or reducing the caller’s credit. • Easy to carry M-commerce is very handy and easy to carry while Ecommerce you cannot always bring with you your computer or laptop anywhere. While. E commerce is charged through the use of swipe machines where you swipe your credit card.Cont… • Charge M-commerce is usually charged through the caller’s premium rates.

Cont… • Faster to reach consumer In E-commerce. So it allows business to reach consumer even faster compared to E-commerce. • Costly M-commerce however is costly compared to E-commerce. . it may possible that person may not always have a laptop or computer with them while in m-commerce. person will always have their cell phones with them.


. distributing and serving different products through commercial truncations on internet with the use of specific devices or computers.buying. selling.COMPARISON E-COMMERCE AND M-COMMERCE • M-commerce and E-commerce both refer to the field of marketing.

. • E-commerce stands for electronic commerce where in business transactions are done over the internet.Cont… • M-commerce stands for mobile commerce where in commercial transaction are done using mobile phones that access to the internet.

• E-commerce. Then you still have to look for a place to do your transaction because it would be uncomfortable using your laptop anywhere or while you are standing. Laptop is also portable but not as light as mobile phones.Cont… • M-commerce is very portable because mobile phones are very easy to carry. You can do your business transaction anywhere you go as long as you can access the internet on your phone. . you have to do your transaction on the computer.

and also through mobile banking. or reducing the caller’s credit. • E-commerce is charged through the use of swipe machines where you swipe your credit card. . You can also transfer money through online banking and pay for the products you bought on the internet using your credit card number. charging the user’s bill.Cont… • M-commerce is usually changed through the caller’s premium rates.

Cont… • M-commerce is available anywhere you go even if there is no internet because the internet is available in your mobile phones. . • E-commerce is not available everywhere because not all place have internet connection.

E-commerce is more limited as it requires the use of a computer and internet connection. . Video conferencing is now available on mobile phone with 3G and 4G networks. without the hassle of internet.CONCLUSION • Compared to M-commerce. M-commerce however is costly compared to E-commerce. while mobiles work on satellites.

• Management Information Systems. Seventh Edition.References • Book References • Electronic Commerce.2004. James A O’Brien. TATA McGRAW HILL . Efraim Turban. Pearson Education.