SILVANO Kagawad FEDERICO A. ALEMAN Kagawad ANNA RHEA T. SANCHEZ Kagawad ALFREDO C. TAN Barangay Treasurer JOAN M. SILVANO Punong Barangay RICARDO M. Metro Manila Barangay Little Baguio Telephone No. TAN Kagawad ANNALIZA C. 725-4484 OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY ALLEN CHRISTOPHER M. DELA FUENTE CHERISH HANNAH C. FENNE Barangay Secretary .Republic of the Philippines City of San Juan. ADELAN HILDA G. BAUTISTA Kagawad Kagawad Kagawad MARIA CRISTINA C.



various people’s organization. the business sector and the local government of the City of San Juan.TULONG-TULONG SA PAGSULONG!! The Barangay Council of Little Baguio vividly describes its vision as an organization that will be effective in carrying out the delivery of basic services through a united action of all stakeholders in the community. Tulong-tulong sa Pagsulong is the compelling call and challenge of what Little Baguio as a community would like to aspire for. .It is not only an idealistic catchword but the guiding motivation for all residents ofBarangay Little Baguio to work as one. to live as one and to move progressively in one direction rooted in the spirit of the bayanihan. as well as directives from the national government through the Office of the City Director of the Department of Interior and Local Government. The Barangay Council’s projects and programs will not be attained without the participation of its residents.

a peace-loving community. Our mission descriptively include the concise priority of the Barangay Council. drug abuse and other criminalities. The divergence of the general compositions of the populationmust be the factor in creating a mission that will combine all the aspirations of residents. the business sector. through everyone’s active involvement! The mission of Barangay Council of Little Baguio is the overall rationale of what and why the council works as hard as it can be. . where the ultimate goal is to become a better community that will result in the elimination of unemployment. binds as one in making our community better. through everyone’s active involvement.Barangay Little Baguio. the people’s organization and even the people outside our community into one which is to become a peace-loving community. binding as one in making the community better.

Courtesy and Value for Money.  To strengthen the Barangay Development Council that will set the direction of the economic and social development programs of Little Baguio. quality and time frame etc. Grievance Redress. PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS  Conduct data gathering base on the Barangay Human Development Index (HDI)  Conduct skills and development training. Including the general information on the economic. TARGET DATE 2014 . Punong Barangay. NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES  Reorganize and activate the Barangay Development Council and other Barangay Based Institutions and let it work based in its mandated functions to mobilized people’s participation in community development. Women and Children and some trainings on Gender and Development also. Gender and Development.  Lacking capabilities of barangay officials in barangay administration especially the groups of Barangay Security Force  No strict implementation of the Citizen Charter of Little Baguio based on the current situation. Kagawads. update and implement the barangay Citizen’s Charter. Senior Citizens.ADMINISTRATION SERVICES AND PROCEDURES ISSUES/GAPS  Out of date Record of Barangay Inhabitants (RBIs) registry and Socio-Economic Profile of Little Baguio. Information. That is to determine their specific job description and their service to the community.  Efficiently deliver services to citizens with specified standards. seminars and strict implementation on the duties and responsibilities of each and every barangay employee. social and political condition of the barangay that will be the reliable basis of development programs and projects. . OBJECTIVES  To develop a comprehensive Barangay socio-economic profile. planning and implementation of the Barangay Development Programs. This also includes expectations of the Council from the Citizen for fulfilling the commitment of the Barangay.  Efficiently deliver the service to the community with the proficient elected and appointed personnel of Barangay Little Baguio.  Make an activity design which includes the participation of the residents especially focused on PWD’s. Women and Children’s Welfare. Senior Citizens.  Lack of programs for some special areas of concerns such as PWDs. Barangay Treasurer and Barangay Secretary.2015 IN-CHARGE  Barangay Health Workers and volunteered individual to conduct survey .  To represents a systematic effort to focus on the commitment of the Barangay council towards its Citizens in respects of Standard of Services. Non-discrimination and Accessibility.  To ensure the participation of the residents in the monitoring. and the Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness. with commitments from the Barangay and its constituents.  Review. Choice and Consultation. especializing on programs on Disaster Risk and Reduction Preparedness.

in order for the public to communicate and engage their issues and concerns in our community.  Establish appropriate suggestion/feedback mechanism based on Citizen Charter of Little Baguio. TARGET DATE 2014-2016 IN-CHARGE Punong Barangay.  To abide to the directives to submit documents on or before the deadline and posts all necessary documents for transparency.  Make a suggestion box and social media page like facebook.  To know all the suggestion. comments and feedbacks of the residents of Barangay Little Baguio as a tool for improvement of the service and only for the service of Barangay constituents. instagram or twitter .  To exercise administrative supervision over the conciliation panels and to enable various conciliation panel members to share with one another their observations and experiences in effecting speedy resolution of disputes . Insufficient numbers of the Lupong Tagapamayapa and absence of the monthly meetings with the Lupon Chairman. and implement punctuality when it comes to the submission of papers to certain department or section at the City of San Juan. Barangay Kagawad. OBJECTIVES  To enact general ordinances and passage of resolutions that benefits the community and was crafted with participation of the stakeholders in the development of the barangay. PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS  Strictly implement passed ordinance and update resolution/s enacting an ordinance  Setting time frame and schedule one week before the deadline to comply all the documents needed.  Update every council members (kagawads) to submit their reports on time for documentation. This helps having an open communication between the barangay council and the residents of barangay Little Baguio  Appointment and completion of the Lupong Tagapamayap NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES  Training for Barangay Council members regarding legislative works and management. Barangay Secretary and Barangay Treasurer .  Complete the Lupong tagapamayapa members and conduct a monthly meeting with the Lupon Chairman to tackle all the issues and concerns regarding the cases happened in a month.LEGISLATIVE SERVICES ISSUES/GAPS     Failure to implement some of the City and Barangay ordinances Inability to submit documents needed on time Failure to put suggestion/comments/feedback inside the barangay.

BHWs .  To incorporate regular sports programs in order to promote healthy lifestyle for a more positive outlook in life.g. rabies and dengue cases  Family Planning/responsible parenthood  Maternal Care Program  Child Care Program  Breastfeeding Program  Immunization  Operation Timbang  Family day activity  Annual sports program  Free Physical Fitness Class e. PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS  Conduct information dissemination and provide access to the prevention and control of diseases such as.SOCIAL SERVICES (Health & Nutrition) ISSUES / GAPS  Absence of Barangay Health Emergency Response Team  Lack of training of the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) as primary persons to implement the Health and Nutrition Program  Absence of Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council (BPFSDC) OBJECTIVES  To provide a basic health and nutrition services to the constituents of Barangay Little Baguio. TB.  To implement projects in coordination with the Government of the City of San Juan and the National Government agencies on primary health programs. Zumba. aerobics and ballroom dancing NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES Create the primary barangay health institutions that will ensure the delivery of health services :  Barangay Nutrition Council  Barangay Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council (BPFSDC)  Barangay Health Emergency Response Team  Proper training and thorough orientation to the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs)  Provide free medicine and basic health services with the help of people’s organizations and religious sectors  Maintenance of Health Center and acquisition of medical tools TARGET DATE 2014-2016 IN-CHARGE Barangay Council.

To institutionalize and standardize the quality of service and training of all women and children protection units To ensure that all health facilities have competent and trained gender-responsive professionals who will coordinate the services needed by women and children victims of violence To enable the Senior Citizen and People with Disability to be a part of the community development. alcohol and tobacco.  Lack of programs for the prevention.SOCIAL SERVICE ISSUES/GAPS EDUCATION AND CULTURE  Increasing numbers of out of school youth due to poverty WOMEN AND CHILDREN  No specific programs that will divert the youth from staying out of drugs. and tobacco use by youth. . PWDs and other special sectors. alcohol. rehabilitation and reintegration for the Children at Risk (CAR) and Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL)  Lack of trainings and seminars to all barangay officials and personnel to enhance the knowledge and skills in handling special cases of Violence against Women and their Children and the one with Juvenile in conflict with law SENIOR CITIZEN AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY  No facilities that will accommodate the offices of the Senior Citizens. OBJECTIVES To provide an access of free education to OUT OF SCHOOL YOUTH To pursue a vigorous advertising and public communications program dealing with the dangers of drug.

WDO . Organize and activate the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council EDUCATION AND CULTURE ladderized. PWDs and other special sectors. PWDs and other special sector TARGET DATE 2014-2016 IN CHARGE Barangay Council of Little Baguio. working constituents and even senior citizens WOMEN AND CHILDREN  Ensure that all health facilities have competent and trained gender-responsive professionals who will coordinate the services needed by women and children victims of violence  Develop a comprehensive program for Anti-Violence Against Women and Children which include an intensive trainings and educations to all personnel working under the barangay council SENIOR CITIZEN AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY Systematize the data base of the Senior Citizens. out-of-school youths.SOCIAL SERVICE PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS Establish the Information and Reading Center Creating a facilities that will accommodate the offices of the Senior Citizens. modular non-formal education program in theBarangay for dropouts in elementary and secondary schools. programs and projects for the promotion of Women and Children’s Desk Officer. NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES Adopt resolutions. nonreaders. BHW’s.

DISASTER RISK REDUCTION AND MANAGEMENT  Inefficient community based emergency response team. TARGET DATE 2014-2016 IN CHARGE Punong Barangay. skills and abilities.  Develop a comprehensive program for Anti-Violence Against Women and Children which include an intensive trainings and educations to all personnel working under the barangay council  Implement and improved Little Baguio’s Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan.SOCIAL SERVICES ISSUES/GAPS PEACE AND ORDER  Absence of Barangay Human Rights Action Center that need a designation of Barangay Human Rights Action Officer. Barangay Security Force. NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES  Reorganize and vitalize the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children  Conduct a more responsive training and seminar for Barangay Security Force to enhance and develop their knowledge.  Conduct a more responsive training and seminar for Barangay Security Force to enhance and develop their knowledge.  Absence of disaster related drills for the OBJECTIVES To create a peaceful community and strengthen the various committees such as Barangay Peace and Order Committee (BPOC) and the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS Establish a Barangay Human Rights Action Center and its officer. Adopting a resolution or ordinance such as setting up gates in various street of the barangay. Kagawad for peace and Order . skills and abilities.  Lack of trainings for the Peace and Order Committee for the skills and knowledge efficiency of the barangay tanods and other components of barangay security force.

 Assist in the strengthening of the cooperative in the barangay thru training.  Working towards strengthening communication and working relationships with other partners to provide services. discrimination and hopelessness.  Create a long-term and short-term Economic Development Program that have a more clear blueprint for the upliftment of the the residents and its environment. Kagawad for Livelihood and Infrastructure . education and livelihood to the indigent residents of the barangay. NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES  Organize and activate the Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Cluster and create comprehensive economic development plan and livelihood programs.ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ISSUES/GAPS  Absence of Barangay Livelihood Program OBJECTIVES  To achieve a societal emancipation for the targeted population by working out with the individuals especially to the indigent residents of the barangay to lessen the number of poverty. PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS  Training marginalized people to be productive in areas of need. TARGET DATE 2014-2016 IN-CHARGE Punong Barangay.

OBJECTIVES  To obtain a community that works together to stop further degradation of the environment  To promote the enacted ordinance on Waste Management and Pollution Control in accordance to Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (RA9003).  Develop the Material Recovery Facility for the purpose of re using.  Take responsibility for the collection.ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ISSUES/GAPS  Undeveloped implementation of the Barangay Solid Waste Management Plan  Failure to implement the ordinance on City Solid Waste Management  Presence of MRF but not enough to accommodate efficient and safe material processing  Absence of a Multi-Purpose Environment or the partner Junkshop  Failure to create a team that will maintain the cleaning of the “Estero” / Ermitano Creek. segregation. TARGET DATE 2014-2015 IN-CHARGE Punong Barangay. compostable and reusable wastes. Kagawad for Clean and Green. recycling NEEDED LEGISLATIVE MEASURES  Organize and activate the Environmental Cluster. recycling of biodegradable. PRIORITY PROGRAMS & PROJECTS  Strict implementation of segregation of garbage.  To establish a working Material Recovery Facility for converting solid waste materials into more useful and income generating products.  Implement and/or revise the Barangay Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan based on the current situation. recyclable. Kagawad for Livelihood .