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Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Information Technology Institute

Geographic Information System

Department Intake 32

GIS Track
Since 1993, GIS Platform has graduated 19 intakes to the local and regional GIS market with a total of 300 GIS specialists. Moreover, the department had organized a series of regional GIS conferences, in addition to establishing GIS courses to Arab students from different Countries; Libya, KSA & Kuwait.

Spreading the GIS science in Egypt with the best qualifications that mainly feed the Egyptian and regional IT market, through delivering a wide range of extensive training on Geo-Science parallel to practices on GIS packages and development technologies to produce Geo-spatial solutions.

The GIS center, Lund University - Sweden is an academic and research partner with ITI since 2007. This Partnerships allows GIS graduates to complete their online GIS master degree within a year on a full time basis.

GIS Department
GIS Staff
GIS department has 3 staff members, who is responsible for teaching, designing and implementing the GIS curriculum.

Technical Committee
Several Consultants from Local and International Academic Parties, namely;
Prof. Mostafa Radwan, ITC-the Netherlands Prof. Yasser El Manadelly, Professor at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University, Executive Manager at Global Geobits, Egypt.

In addition to a well established links with the national and regional GIS market.

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GIS List of Courses

Graduate profile
GIS graduates are eligible to work on developing all spatial-information related applications, in the Egyptian and Regional IT markets.

Course Category 1 / IT Fundamentals:

This category introduces the main IT Fundamentals; Operating Systems, Networks, Database and Software Engineering.
Operating System Fundamentals Linux Operating Systems Windows 7 Operating systems Computer Networks Fundamentals Database Fundamentals (Using Oracle) Introduction to Web Technologies Introduction to Software Engineering Introduction to Programming with C Object Oriented Programming with C++ Object Oriented Analysis and Design (using UML)

GIS List of Courses

Course Category 2 / GIS Concepts & Packages:
This category introduces the main GIS Fundamentals; GIS & Remote Sensing Science and techniques, beside the GIS packages and tools.
GIS Fundamentals Data Acquisition Techniques GIS Project Management GIS Advanced Topics

ERDAS Imagine
Arc GIS Desktop Introduction to Arc GIS Server

List of Courses
Course Category 3 / GIS Web & Mobile Development
This category introduces the GIS development concerning; Web and Mobile Applications
JavaScript XML Microsoft .NET Programming with C# ASP.NET Programming Arc Objects Java Programming Advanced Java Programming Developing Web Applications using Servlets & JSP Arc GIS Server Development Flex GIS Developing Mobile Applications using Java Micro Edition (Java ME) GIS Mobile Applications

List of Courses
Course Category 4 / Innovation & Soft skills
This category introduces the various skills concerning; Innovation Management & Soft Skills Innovation Introduction Digital Innovation Proposal Writing Creativity and Innovation Communications Skills Presentation Skills Marketing Interviewing

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