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Important in all organisation. Productivity = (Output) / (Input)

Influence of productivity
• • • • • • • Worker skill Motivation and effort Job methods used Quality of workmanship Employee innovation The machines used Effectiveness of Management.

Benefits of measuring
• • • • Increased labor productivity. Improved employee utilisation. Improved employee retention. Grater operational control.

Performance of selling space
Sales per square foot: Total Net Sales ÷ Square Feet of Selling Space = Sales per Square Foot of Selling Space Sales per linear foot of self space: Total Net Sales ÷ Linear Feet of Shelving = Sales per Linear Foot

Measuring Productivity of staff
Sales per transaction: Gross Sales ÷ Number of Transactions = Sales per Transaction Sales per employee: Net Sales ÷ Number of Employees = Sales per Employee

Steps that can be taken
• Implement a piecework compensation plan • Ensure that your employees have good equipment • Consider profit-sharing • Hand out achievement awards • Provide adequate breaks

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