Business Report Presentat ion on Vodafone

Asia Pacific Institute Of Management, New Delhi, India

Formed in 1984 as Racal Electronics Ltd. 1991Changed its name to Vodafone group. Vodafone comes from Voice data fone. Largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world. It has operations in 25 countries and partner network in 42 countries. Market value of about £75 billion. Chairman – Sir John Bond Chief Executive – Vittorio Colao CEO (India) – Marten Pieters

Executive Summary

Revenue increased by 15.6% Total dividends per share up by 3.5% Invested £48 million in Vodafone foundation programmes Increased data revenue Verizon wireless’ Alltel acquisition

Executive Summary (cont.)
Service revenue increased by 15.9%
•Voice service •Messaging Services •Fixed and Other Services
2009: £38,294m, 2008: £33,042m

•Data services

Voice services continue to make up the largest portion of the Group’s revenue and a wide range of activities have been undertaken over the past year to stimulate growth in voice usage.
£26,906m Voice revenue (2008: £24,151m, 2007: £21,597m)

Product focus:

12.5% reduction in outgoing average price per minute.
Wide range of tariffs and propositions on offer. Include a range of unlimited value offers, which have been particularly appealing to customers and stimulate voice usage growth. Enables customers to “take their home tariff abroad” offering greater price transparency and certainty to customers.

 

Vodafone Passport:

Messaging SERVICES

Allowing customer to send and receive messages

Send and receive text messages as well as multiple media messages. Usage Growth of 30.9% in the year 2009.

£4,473m Messaging revenue (2008: £3,967m, 2007: £3,496m)

Fixed and other services
Fixed Services includes: Fixed Broadband Fixed Line voice Office Phone solutions Other Services includes: Incoming Roaming Wholesale MVNO Business managed services Advertising

£3,869m Fixed and other service revenue (2008: £2,805m, 2007: £2,373m)

Various Product and Services to Enhance Access to Data Services Connectivity services Simple and secure access to the internet and business systems. Internet application

Transparent pricing available through Vodafone's “Internet on Your Mobile”. Company intranets Offers integrated and the internet for services from leading customers on the internet brand move. partners. £3,046m 19.0 m mobile Organic data revenue Data revenue internet users in (2008: £2,119m, growth is 25.9% Europe . 2007: £1,405m)



Data roaming

Email Plus, Windows Mobile® Email from Vodafone and BlackBerry from Vodafone .

services on a mobile network when travelling abroad. Simple and easy pricing.
 11

for consumers and enterprises.

mobile email customers .

markets offer a daily roaming tariff.


SEVEN C’s (Cont.) 1) Completeness
 Provide all necessary information  Answer all questions asked  Give something extra, when asked

2) Conciseness
 Eliminate Wordy Expressions  Include only relevant Material  Avoid Unnecessary Repetition

3) Consideration
 Focus on “YOU” instead of “I” or “WE”  Show Benefit or Interest in the Receiver  Emphasize Positive, Pleasant Facts

SEVEN C’s (Cont.) 4) Concreteness
Use Specific Facts and Figures Put Action into your Verbs Choose Vivid, Image Building Words

5) Clarity
Choose Precise and Familiar Words Effective sentences and paragraphs

6) Courtesy
Be Sincerely Tactful, Thoughtful Use expressions that show Respect

SEVEN C’s (Cont.) 7) Correctness
Usage of Right Level of Language Accuracy of Figures, Facts and Words Maintain Acceptable Writing Mechanics

Source: Corporate website of Vodafone


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