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1st Year .PRESENTATION OF PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ON A NOVEL NAMING :“THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE” Chitra Singaraju Gopal Pandya Jagannath Padhi Prachi Jadhav Rishi Jain PGDBM.

1997 The Greatness Guide Who Will Cry When You Die? . Proficient Management Maharishi in reputed companies Best sellers in 70 languages followed as:   The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari . the leadership expert and splendid novelist.ROBIN SHARMA AND HIS GRAFT (HELPING PEOPLE IN ORGANIZATIONS LEAD WITHOUT A TITLE)    Born on 1964 a Canadian lawyer.

THEME OF THE BOOK…. First Become a Great Person . the Stronger your Leadership  To Be a Great Leader.  Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders  You Need No Title to be a Leader  The Deeper Your Relationship.

wordpress..  “If you are feeling de-motivated or down due to the economy. get this book immediately”  “If you are an entrepreneur. your role at work or your feeling of powerlessness to change your . manager or organizer. this book will put fire in your belly and is a great tool for your crew” http://dreamexpress.ANALYSES BY MARIA MAR. leader. free -lancer.

unleash energy and balance your personal life  Tools to shift from victimhood into leadership .CONCLUSION  Hard-hitting tactics to become mentally strong and physically tough to lead your field  Real-world ways to defeat stress. build an unbeatable mindset.

com/ .CONCLUSION (CONT. regardless of your position  A method to recognize and then seize opportunities in times of deep change  What the superrich and wildly successful do in their private moments  An instant strategy to build a great team as well as become a "merchant of wow" with your customers http://theleaderwhohadnotitle.)  How to work and influence people like a superstar.

Best way to impress the world Is to improve yourself !!!!! .