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Sales management
• Planning, direction and control of personal selling including recruiting, selecting, training, equipping, assigning, supervising, compensating and motivating as these tasks apply to the personal sales force.

Contribution to profit • c. Sales volume • b. . This higher volume of sales leads to greater production in the factory and the company achieves the economies of scale. Continuing growth • The prime responsibility of the sales department is to build up higher volume of sales.Objectives • a.

• This helps in reducing the costs and making the products of the company more competitive in the market. • This leads to the automatic achievement of the other two objectives that is increase profits and continued growth of the company. .

Sales Management Functions .

• Measurement of results: reporting. analytics & sales data • Compensation. sales quotas. including CRM • Training & sales communication • Sales territory design & its optimization • Customer segmentation • To improve employee morale . policies • Technology & tools.

there was a realization of separate sales department • To advent of specialized sales departments helped the organizational problem of market expansion • The grate leap from. not much emphasis was given on sales. Small scale enterprises dominated the scene • With the beginning of industrial revolution.Evolution Of Sales Management • Prior to industrial revolution. need to establish functional departments was identified. Still no separate sales department was created • Middlemen like whole sellers and retailers came into picture • With the complications in the channel of distribution. What produced creates it own demand to Produce which has demand • Leap from door to door sales man to call center calls .

Nature and role of Sales Manager .

. profitable growth in sales revenues through positive planning. Ensures consistent. deployment and management of sales personnel.Manages sales of the company’s products and services within a defined geographic area. province or country.

•Establishes sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories. and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand. •Maintains sales volume. . competition. product mix. •Implements national sales programs by developing field sales action plans. •Establishes and adjusts selling prices by monitoring costs. and supply and demand.Sales Manager Job Duties: • analyzing trends and results.

good working knowledge of Microsoft Office is required.Skills/Qualifications •A university degree in marketing or business studies is preferred. or a minimum of seven years of related experience or training •Problem-solving and analytical skills to interpret sales performance and market trend information. Experience in developing marketing and sales strategies. • Excellent oral and written communication skills. . Proven ability to motivate and lead the sales team.

Sales management as a career. .

there are several commonalities. higher expectations and a few sleepless nights! Congratulations! Before you accept the promotion. While sales management positions vary wildly from company to company. Along with the promotion comes an increase in base salary. as a final bonus. . each of which will effect you to some degree. there are a number of things you need to consider and to be aware of. added stress and responsibility and.You have earned the respect of upper management and have been offered a promotion into the wonderful world of sales management. the ability to pick and mold your own sales team.

uninspired or simply are struggling. if the team is weak. If the team does well. . This creates an obvious and universal problem for sales managers: No matter how hard a manager works and no matter how talented of a manager she may be. If your team is not doing well. Once a sales professional accepts a promotion to sales management. the sales manager takes the heat. the opposite is often true. she is no longer fully in control of their level of success. your senior leaders will feel that you are effectively completing your job.It's No Longer Just You Sales managers are judged by the overall performance of their entire team.

However. recruiting is something that should occur all the time. A manager knows when a sales professional of his team is not going to make it and can begin looking for a replacement as soon as a rep begins to fall below the minimum expectation levels. Surprise job openings are the enemy of a sales teams results.It's Hard to Find Good Talent One of the most challenging and important jobs that most sales managers are responsible for is recruiting. . Since most sales organizations have upwards of 15% turnover rates. that same manager usually has no warning when an average or high performing rep may turn in their notice.

lead and coach your team so that they are all high achievers and your bank account will bring a smile to your face every morning.Most sales managers earn a higher base salary and an override on their teams performance. the more you will earn. Helping a struggling rep close a big deal. the most commonly appreciated reward that sales managers receive is when they see their efforts pay off for someone else. While there are several other rewards besides the income. but it pays dividends that last a career The Rewards . Doing so is not only rewarding in the moment. manage. overcome a fear or build selfconfidence is a tremendous feeling.The better your team does. Train.

Emerging Trends in Sales Management .

Global Perspective Global competition is intensifying. Selling goods and services in global markets presents a challenge due to differences in culture. This is a challenge which sales managers and salesperson must take on. language. needs and requirements. Domestic companies who never thought about foreign competitors are suddenly finding them in their backyard. . they have to improve their personal selling efforts not only in their countries but also in foreign countries.

Consumer today can get information about products. . compare it with other brand. markets and prospects of internet buyers. This has led to a different kind of sales force who collects information about internet users.Technological Revolution Digital revolution and management information system have greatly increased the capabilities of consumers and marketing organizations. It is mandatory for all companies to have their website now. place an order and place an order instantly over the internet.

Sales Force Diversity The demographic characteristics of sales force is changing and becoming more varied. Sales managers now have to handle a sales force of these varied demographic. more and more women are taking up careers in sales management and selling. expectations of each and every individual is different and sales manager needs to use different motivational tools against each one of them. . For example. Also the education level of sales people is going up most of them holding a college degree or a post graduate degree.

Major benefits of multi-channel marketing system are: Lower channel cost Increased market coverage Customized selling Multi-channel may also lead to conflicts and control problems. as two or more channels may compete for same customer. .Managing Multi-Channels Multi-channel marketing system occurs when organization uses two or more marketing channels to target one or more customer segments. A successful sales manager will have to effectively manage conflict between the channels.

.Ethical and Social Issues Sales managers have ethical and social responsibilities. deception (or misleading) and high pressure sales tactics. Today’s sales managers have no choice but to ensure ethical standards from sales force otherwise they may be out of business or even land up in legal problems. Sales people face ethical issues such as bribery.