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Safe School Campaign and Advocacy in Indonesia

Jamjam Muzaki, August 15, 2013; +6281221766512

school community and the school from disaster impact Disaster impact in education sector? Anything we can do? Part of disaster risk reduction (DRR) in education sector .How about children and school community safety if disaster occur during teaching and learning in school? What happen with school if faced with disaster? Can the student learning in school that affected by disaster? Is there anything we can do to reduce the impact of disaster in education sector (school)? We need safer school to protect our children.

having a detailed and reliable ready to respond to emergency plan before. learning process. during and after a disaster. safety and security of their students at any time. health.Safe School Definition Safe school is a school recognizing and protecting child rights by providing an atmosphere and environment that ensure learning process. and always ready to respond to emergency and and disaster situations. always aware of risks. having a detailed and reliable plan before. safety and of protecting child rights bysecurity providing an atmosphere and environment that ensure their students at any time. Safe school is a school adopting standards of facilities and infrastructures being able to protect school members and Safe school is a school adopting standards of their surroundings from disaster facilities and infrastructures being able to hazards. DRR Related Definition General Definition Spesific Definition . Safe school is a learning community being committed to safe and healthy culture. aware of risks. disaster situations. Safe school is a school recognizing and health. protect school members and their surroundings from disaster hazards. after a disaster. duringbeing and Safe school is a learning community committed to safe and and healthy culture.

... ......Safe School Campaign and Advocacy Coordination and Instituzionalisation Values Safe School Programme Principles Aspek Struktural Safe Location Building Structure Classroom design and Setup Supporting Knowledge... Respons Evacuation and rescue Emergency School Pshycososial …… Post Disaster Assesment (PDASES) Rehabilitation dan reconstruction Trauma healing . Facilities/infrastr attitude and action ucture Aspek Non-Structural School/Madrassa Policies Planning for Disaster Preparedness Resource mobilization Safe School Implementation Activity Normal (Pre-Disaster) Prevention Preparedness Mitigation School Damage rehabilitation .

training for school management. • Setup the monitoring and evaluation team • Integrating the safe school program into other initiative such as school of health. and Consortium Disaster of Education. Dissemination. guideline. the academic paper.Implementation Strategy and Main Activity Synchronization Policy • Hearing and Outreaching to Government-local Government/Non-government/Community • Arrange coordination meeting between stakeholder • Workshop • provide the technical Assistance. for teacher. education cluster (Cluster Disaster Management Education). School of Adiwiyata or . (West Sumatera. East Nusa Tenggara – Plan indonesia) • Pers Release • Training (Training of Fasilitator. concept of safe school • Review and encourage the current regulation and policies related to safe school Improved Public Participation including Children's • Socialization. children) Institutionalization • Setup the Nasional Secretary for Safe School • Fasilitate the establishment of the Student Movement on Disaster Preparedness in school level • Strengthening civil society initiatives through synergy safe schools. West Java. West Nusa Tenggara – with world bank). Central Java. roadshow • Piloting project (Lampung (with Childfund).

4/2012) • Arrangement of School ActionPlan • Vulnerability and capacity assessment of schools /madrasas • School Evacuation map • SOP • Contingency plan • Simulation • Instituztionalization of DRR activity at school (GSB / KSB / satgas PB) School/Madrasah and School Commite technical impleme nting unit area (UPTD) Education Office of the City / District Rehabilitation need reporting: • Total Package • Managing Committee • Photo report Regent / Mayor JDL 4 Ministry CL MoEC Perpres 19/2011 GOVERNOR Provincial Education Departement / MoRA MoEC MoEC / MoRA .Example of Multi Stakeholder Roles in Safe Schools Implementation C H I L D R I G H T P R I N C I P L E S DAPODIK Information center TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION Preparation of Experts (PTN/PTS) provision of Skilled Staff Training of School principals and school committees Perpres 73/2011 Perka BNPB no 4/2012 Juknis rehabilitasi Social Media Spesific Event Rehabilitation H(1+n) Handover Non Physical Support Needs • Socialization of implementation safe school guidelines (Perka BNPB No.

Some Milestones .

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