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• • • Assisting public sector to develop “ Focused Strategies” to promote & expaqnd tourism Developing “key Result Areas” and ensuring visible economic impact on grass Route Level Bridging pubic & privet sector

PRESENTATION OBJECTIVES • To highlight that tourism requires lesser investment in creating jab as compared with any other industry • To introduce paradigm shift from federal or provincial tourism to the “ District Tourism on the Grass Route Level” • Promoting tourism with emphasis on community participation • Restructuring local tourism as public-privet sector partnership • Expanding markets while promoting and protecting natural resources and local heritage &life style • Improving the quality of tourism products and services. and adding value for money while increasing consumer choice .

nine people will be employed (directly or indirectly) by tour. travel & hospitality industry in the world WTO’s “TOURISM 2020VISION” forecast that international arrivals are expected to reach over 1. • • • .56 billion by the year 2020 Global revenues by the 2020is forecasted over Two Trillion US Dollars. By the year 2020 Chinese travelers will rise to 100million generating 200 billion US dollars .PERSPECTIVE IN GLOBAL AND REGINOL TOURISM • • The developing countries have recorded the highest growth rates in tourism over the last two decades. If we only achieve 5% of Chinese market share by 2020 it would mean 10 billion US dollars directly added to our economy from one country. In fact by the year 2020out of every ten. Tourism industry is in the line with oil & information technology.

Identify “Capacity Development Areas” around heritage assets Review marketing & Research expense ratio Vs. • • • • • • . the basic principles must be reviewed. Domestic tourism in Pakistan is product led and not market led industry.infrastructure –funding Human Recourse& environment . establishment expense. For domestic tourism to flourish in Punjab.FIRST STEP_DOMESTIC TOURSIM • • Domestic tourism creates basic infrastructure for international tourism. Encourage “ Collective Marketing” of public &privet tourism efforts Promote domestic tourism to create major impact on economy of Punjab at the grass route level.policy. Promotion of domestic tourism is directly based on” Cluster of Activates” of events attraction & infrastructure.

Develop mutual trust & confidence between public and privet sector needs bridging.TOURISM REALITES IN PUNJAB • • • • • Introduce Tourism Minimum International Standard (MIS) to uplift infrastructure. Protect Culture heritage sites in distant areas Encourage environment rating for provincial cities . Develop Tourism standards in both product and human resource development.

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM MANAGEMENT Any tourism strategy & activity in punjab must be focused to produce visible culture 7 economy impact “ Sustainable Tourism Management (STM)” Resource Management. fulfilling economic and social need. ecology process. Field results” to be reviewed monthly for greater accomplishment From the last 20 years “ putting old Initiatives “ in cold storage and starting new one with new leader ship has not been productive for tourism industry. Initially monthly & eventually quarterly “Inter-ministerial meetings” in joint collaboration with privet sector. diversity and life style improvement “Tourism Banquet room Function Vs. New vision of collective marketing and management must be encouraged in the ministry of tourism and related departments. . Maintaining cultural integrity.

events & entertainment Department District tourism Monitoring. . 2. 3. Focused special festivals. 4.WINNING MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Restructuring departments within the ministry to focused Tourism: 1. follow-up & Assistance Department. CLUSTER OF ACITIVTES around Heritage Sites Development & Followup Development Development & Promotion of Image Building Department.

Horse & cattle/ Tatto shows Spring festival Nankana Sahib site Buddhist Town in Texila China Town in Lahore . To be developed in selected cities on KEY RESULTS AREAS Short term winning strategy (for 3 years) concentrating in the following key result areas of punjab:Selective 10 models of district Tourism in different areas of punjab. “District Tourism Board (DBT)” Introduced first time in Pakistan. Calculating either economic or social impact Return on investment of money & resources Vs.FOCUSED RECOMMENDATION Resources to be allocated in an aligned direction. key results Areas to be identified and implemented in the first quarter of year 2007. tourism results.