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• With the growth of the Internet, computer security has become a major concern for businesses and governments. • Worried about the possibility of being “hacked” • Solution :Ethical hacking ,also known as penetration testing or white-hat hacking • This paper describes ethical hackers: their skill their attitude 2 how they go about helping their customers

security is also called the information security • Described in terms of CIA triads. “C”:. Availability : information must be available when it is needed 3 .Confidentiality “I”:.Security • Security is the condition of being protected against danger or loss • In networks.Integrity “A”:-Availability 1. Confidentiality : passive person should not see those data 2.Integrity :data cannot be modified without authorization 3.

Need for security • Systems are damaged by intruders • Several forms of damage will occur ● lose of confidential data ● damage or destruction of data ● damage or destruction of computer system ● loss of reputation of a company 4 .

Hacking two definitions: 1st refers to the hobby/profession of working with computers. 2nd refers to breaking into computer systems. HACKER ● A person who enjoys learning details of a programming language or system ● A person who enjoys actually doing the programming rather than just theorizing about it ● A person who picks up programming quickly ● A person who is an expert at a particular programming language or system 5 .

White-Hat Hacker hacker skills and using them for defensive purposes Grey-Hat Hackers Individuals who work both offensively and defensively 6 .Types of Hackers 3 types of hackers: Black-Hat Hacker hackers use their knowledge and skill for their own personal gains probably by hurting others.

Can Hacking Be Done Ethically? Answer is yes……. because to catch a thief. think like a thief Above is the basis for ethical hacking 7 .

Skills needed for ethical hackers Ethical hackers possess a variety of skills: Completely trustworthy Strong programming and computer networking skills Patience 8 .

3) Report to the company about vulnerability.What do an Ethical Hacker do? 1) Tries to get in to the system 2) Find vulnerability. 4) Make patches for that particular vulnerability 9 .

Methodology of Hacking • Include five steps. Gaining access 4. Reconnaissance 2.. 1. Maintaining access 5. Clearing tracks 10 . Scanning & Enumeration 3.

Samspade: •provides us information about a particular host 11 .1) Reconnaissance First stage Preliminary survey to gain information Many tools are there: 1.Google: •search engines used in the Internet •specialized keywords for searching 2.

Reconnaissance cont… 12 Fig:Samspade GUI .

Email Tracker and Visual Route • software which helps us to find from which server does the mail actually came from. Visual route • gives actual location of the server with the help of IP addresses 13 .Reconnaissance cont… 3.

2)Scanning & Enumeration • Make a blue print of the target network • Includes the ip addresses of the target network which are live. War Dialing: •Computer program used to identify the phone numbers that can successfully make a connection with a computer modem 14 . • Different tools used for scanning are: 1.

Scanning & Enumeration cont…… 2.Pingers • Use Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP) packets • Principle: Automated software which sends the ICMP packets to different machines and checking their responses 3.Port Scanning • Determine what ports are open or in use on a system or network 15 .

NBTscan is used 2) SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol ) 16 .Scanning & Enumeration cont…… Enumeration • Ability of a hacker to convince some servers to give them information that is vital to them to make an attack Done by using 1) Null sessions Created by keeping the user name and password as null After this .

3)Gaining access • Make use of all the information collected in the pre attacking phases • Hindrance to gain access :Password 1. Password Cracking • Dictionary cracking • Brute force cracking • Hybrid cracking • Social Engineering 17 .

2..Gaining access cont…. Man in the Middle Attack • hacker. the man in the middle • All the traffic between a host and a client to go through the hacker system 18 .

4) Maintaining Access • Make an easier path to get in when he comes the next time 1:Key Stroke Loggers • record every movement of the keys in the keyboard • middle man between the keyboard driver and the CPU 19 .

Maintaining Access cont….. greeting cards • Software:Elitewrap 20 . 2:Trojan Horses & Backdoors • destructive program • do not replicate 3:Wrappers • malicious data hidden from the administrator and other usual user • wrap their contents to some pictures.

5)Clearing Tracks “Everybody knows a good hacker but nobody knows a great hacker” • Tool used: 1:Winzapper 21 .

CONCLUSION • Ethical Hacking is a legal hacking • performed with the target’s permission • Increase security protection by identifying and patching known security vulnerabilities on systems 22 .

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