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Measuring IT utilization

Postgirot Bank • Transactions will complete within 24 hrs ( core competency) • 3 stages • Decentralization • Centralization ( Measuring the usage of IT) • Continued Capacity Planning .

Provment AB • Developed its IT measurement tool called the Interactive Management for IT Operations (IM-system) • Business Model Shift .

Too much cost involves . .Very easy to take decisions Disadvantages: .Decentralization • Servers Maintained independently for each division Advantages: .But IT infrastructure is imp .Competitors update their technology There should be trade off b/w above 3.IT budgeting growth rate is increasing .Control becomes difficult .Under utilization .

OS/390 .Postgirot 2000 • Waiting for Potential Acquisition • After that.Company decided to centralize Unix Servers .Unix .Windows NT . possibility of giving IT for Outsourcing • So. before that they want to review the performance Servers used in Bank .

therefore it has not been widely proven useful • Conditions that – it shouldn’t disturb the present characteristics of Unix • Security • Access • Current Operations • Staff Shouldn’t be burdened • Time taken should be less • Should allow to consolidate .Problems of Installing IM • Diminished efficiency for short tem • New Learning is required for implementing • IM-system is relatively new.

Usage during peaks .Problems it server is down .Design of backup .Capacity Planning • Resources required to meet the maximum demand • Utilization of applications during the peak times based on that safety margin is decided • Target is to reduce the safety margins without compromising the service quality • Factors ( this should be taken into consideration) .How much excess is good .

reliable and cost effective. the control is lost • So decided to centralize common services in the bank to make the bank look professional. .Centralization • As too many servers are there. • Before Centralizing company want to measure the utilization of IT resources • It should also check whether the dependency will be there on Provment it can carry internally.

SWOT Strengths Cost effective Decision Making Weakness Initial Investment Short tem Deficiency Opportunities Every company using IM can use futhur decision making Threats Technology becomes obsolete .

Measurement in RU ( Resource Units) .Collects IT usage information & send to Central server .Provment AB's strategy • Started providing IM system as service • Taken care that all the conditions are satisfied • IM System: .Collector agent ( software on every server) .

Results • Out of 68.nearly 48 servers are underutilized (Consolidation of servers can also be known) • Reports of Usage was distributed among all divisions ( used for decision making) • IM was extended to NT servers .

before • Capacity planning • both short term and long term goals to avoid bottlenecks • Data should be understood by all managers and directors in the company in order to make critical decisions • Application Compatibility • Dependence of IT should be taken into consideration .Think about….

Present • Plusgirto • Acquired by Nordea bank ( in 2001) • IT Performance Management system: • IBM • HP Software • Business txns • Network • Application .