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Himachal. • Blue Star primarily focuses on the corporate and commercial markets. 2800 Cr • Employees: 2700+ • Manufacturing Units: 7 (Thane. Dadra.About the Company • Blue Star is India's largest central air-conditioning company. commercial and residential customers and has also established leadership in the field of commercial refrigeration equipment ranging from water coolers to cold storages. • Total Turnover : Rs. Wada and Ahmedabad) • Offices: 30+ • Dealers: 1800+ . Bharuch. • It belongs to the consumer goods sector. • It fulfils the air-conditioning needs of a large number of corporate.


Ashok M Advani. Chairman .

• His views :  The industrial economy has been slowing down for a couple of years especially in sectors such as infrastructure and capital goods.  The tight liquidity conditions at the start of the year led to poor cash flow in the business. the Company reviewed the majority of projects under execution to assess actual costs incurred and expected costs to completion. the problem was compounded by the depreciation of the rupee. the Company showed 25% growth by successfully expanding market coverage in the residential segment and mid-sized Tier III and Tier IV towns.  Air conditioner market which declined by 10%.  Due to inflationary conditions.  One of the bright spots of the year was the growth of the room air conditioner and refrigeration products businesses. higher borrowings and increased interest cost. . This has affected new order inflow and billings in EMPG (Electro Mechanical Projects Group) Projects and Professional Electronics & Industrial Systems.  For room air conditioners and refrigeration products with substantial import content.From the Chairman’s Chair • The current chairman of the Company is Mr.Ashok M Advani.

From the Chairman’s Chair contd.  With this the Company expects to make a modest profit this year.  Employee expenses was curtailed by trimming excess headcount and outsourcing various processes in support functions like administration. warehousing and payroll. To cope out with the uncertain environment.. but raising prices to maintain margins was only possible to a limited extent because of competitive pressures and customer resistance to higher prices. .  Price increases became unavoidable due to escalating input costs. the Company took decisive action on multiple fronts:  They emphasised on cash management by careful control of cash outflows with obvious benefits to the balance sheet and lower interest expenses.

07% Financial Instiutions/Banks/Mutual Funds ForeignHoldings Bodies Corporation 32.85% .CATEGORIES OF SHAREHOLDERS AS ON MARCH 31.43% Indian public 15.04% 2. 2013 Directors & Relatives 9.61% 40.

Segment-Wise Revenue Break -Up 6% 35% 59% Electro Mechanical Projects and packaged Airconditioning systems Cooling products Professional Electronics and Industrial system .

91 1 52.98 .02 5.14 10.Financial Highlights Operational & Financial Ratios: Earnings Per Share (Rs) DPS(Rs) Book NAV/Share(Rs) Performance Ratios: ROA(%) ROE(%) 2.95 -1.69 -3.57 -17.75 3 54.97 -9.69 ROCE(%) 11.

60% 922.80 27.00% .680.49% 0.5 7 -891.00% 4.46% 22.86% 158.03% Earnings Per Share Equity Reserves Face Value 5.30 1.Financial Highlights contd.9 8.60 363.033. Parameter Sales Turnover Other Income Total Income Total Expenses Operating profit Gross Profit Interest PBT Tax Net Profit Mar'13 (Rs in Cr.89% -1.5 Change 2.245.80 243 27.6 517.9 4.8 498.10 2 158.670.40 132.02% 159.002.42% 2.113.353.6 525..5 -884.21% 249.80 2 -9.91 179.9 4.1 28.94% -29.70 26.) 27.75 179.3 Mar'12 (Rs in Cr.47% 49.763.40 854.559.) 27.4 -570.1 702.02% 0.

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