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About Company

Five Jack is Indonesia based Online and Mobile Game Publisher. Five Jack before already launch Fjitem.com, Mas Poker and Divine Souls's also now preparing more line up game that we think suitable for Indonesia market. Five Jack has been found to be a whole new different game publisher in South East Asia market. Our goal is to become a game publisher that provide enjoyment to all developers and users through various approaches and perspectives. In the past, we believed that only game based on large-sized publisher and capital can succeed in the game market. However, we believe that it totally depends on how well we understand user's needs, and how rapidly we apply it to the service. We will focus on : • Providing higher level of services in every relevant area of game service in South East Asia market. • Becoming a publisher that finds out the true value of the game and listen to user's various opinions. Now Five Jack will try to intorduce one of mobile game that will launch soon, and that is Heaven’s Clash FIVE JACK WEBSITE : WWW.FIVEJACK.COM
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Explanation About Free trading
“ Yang Pertama Kali Di INDONESIA Game Bebas Dagang “ Player can trading : 1. Player can sell and Buy Gold 2. Player can Sell and Buy Item They can do all that as long they using FJ Item, cause we can monitor and can prevent if There is someone want to frauding. Especially the sell ID part, in the future if they buy ID we will change the ID data in to the new one. So this is the first time in indonesia as official we allowed them to do this.

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About Heaven’s Clash - 1

Game Info
Heaven's Clash is a game created by the developer of the SangSang Digital, based in Korea. Heaven's Clash game type is RPG that can be played on smartphone with Android OS. For those gamers who are used to play the same genre is certainly not difficult to play the game Heaven's Clash.

This game is very easy to play even for novice gamers.
There are 2 character job that can be choose, they are : • Assassin • Berserker Each character job you choose has it’s own unique attack speciality. You also have a pet that will accompany you during the adventure in Heaven Clash. In addition to pet, you are also accompanied by an NPC who will fight with you against the monsters in each different dungeon and can be summoned if they die. That is why Heaven’s Clash are very recommended for you to play.
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About Heaven’s Clash - 2

The advantages of Heaven’s Clash : • Attractive graphical display makes gamers lose track of time while playing this game. • The user interface is easily accessible so there will be difficult for gamers while playing. • With a variety of difficulty levels that will make gamers more curious to finish this game. • • Unlimited play, with no stamina you can make continuous play different from other games that already exists. Trading features make the gamers can sell items obtained during the play Heaven's Clash to other players.

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About Heaven’s Clash - 3

Character Introduction

Tough fighter, Ashnard "I'll show you the power of a werewolf!"
Born as the werewolf from 'Cerberus Clan'. After the defeat in the war against the 'Vampire', 'Cerberus Clan' living little number that escaped and lived in the 'continent of Iberia'. They became military allies 'Ronvaldia Kingdom', but got unpleasant treatment from people Ronvaldia. As the son of the head of the clan, Ashnard become hope his clan. Ashanrd clan realized that the future can not be guaranteed only by sheer physical strength. He realized that his clan had to be reconciled with human ... In contrast to the reckless act of his clan, Ashnard a calm and patient. But it will turn out to be a tough fighter figure fearless on the battlefield.

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About Heaven’s Clash - 4

Character Introduction

Black Knight Endora "This time I will not let it get away ..."

Endora is a skilled female warrior using a sword. He also uses black magic expert, so dubbed 'Black Knight'. His name is among the fragrant bounty hunter, but the fact is shrouded secret. However, often people who know the secret Endora when he was in action. In battle, he did not just use the sword, but also using black magic.

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About Heaven’s Clash - 5

Character Introduction
Crusader Athena
Athena adalah seorang crusader dari Sekte Cahaya yang sedang menjalani masa percobaan. Untuk menjadi seorang saint, para crusader akan diberi tantangan berupa ritual ‘perjalanan suci’ dan akan mendapat pengakuan jika berhasil menjalankan ritual tersebut. ‘Perjalanan suci‘ merupakan perjalanan mempertaruhkan nyawa untuk membami para monster di berbagai tempat yang ada di Benua Iberia. Meski Athena seorang gadis muda, ia berani mengambil keputusan untuk menempuh ritual perjalanan suci tersebut demi membuktikan diri menjadi crusader tangguh.

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About Heaven’s Clash - 6


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About Heaven’s Clash - 7

Mobile Website for Heaven’s Clash Address : m.event.fivejack.com Site open at March, 20th, 2014 Pre-Registration Open at March, 20th, 2014
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