World Healthy Day

Paula Molina Cánovas

7th April
Global public health campaigns offer great potential to raise awareness and understanding about health issues and mobilize support for action, from the local community to the international stage.

World Health Day targets all the health issues on global basis for which several programs are organized yearly by the WHO and other related health organizations at various places like schools, colleges and other crowd places. It is celebrated to remember the establishment of the World health Organization as well as draw the attention of people towards the major health issues in the world. WHO is a vast health organization working under UN for addressing the health issues on a global basis. Since its establishment it has addressed serious health issues including chickenpox, polio, smallpox, TB, leprosy and etc from various developing countries. It has played a significant role aiming to make the world a healthy world. It has all the statistics about global health reports.

To increase the public awareness of various causes and prevention of high blood pressure.
To provide detail knowledge of getting prevented from various diseases and their complications. To encourage most vulnerable group of people to frequently check their blood pressure and follow medications from the professionals. To promote self care among people. To motivate the worldwide health authorities to make their own efforts in creating the healthy environments in their country. To protect families living in the disease vulnerable areas. To teach travelers and send them a messages about how to get protected from the vector-borne diseases while travelling.

How World Health Day is celebrated ?
World Health Day is celebrated worldwide by the government, non-government, NGOs including various health organizations at many places by organizing programmes relating to the public health issues and awareness. Participated organizations highlight their activities and supports through the media reports by means of press releases, news and etc. Health authorities from different country take part in the celebration with their pledges in order to support on the health issues worldwide. Varieties of activities are done in the conference of health workers to encourage people to maintain their health in the presence of media coverage. Debates on the related topics, art exhibitions, essay writing, competitions and award ceremony are organized to fulfill the aim of world health day.

Theme of 2014
“Vector-borne diseases”.
Vector-borne diseases rely upon organisms, named vectors, such as mosquitoes, ticks or sandflies that have an active role in the transmission of a pathogen from one host to the other.
Many factors that may facilitate the introduction and establishment of disease vectors, reservoirs or pathogens in new geographic areas could lead to the emergence of a disease in the European Union (EU). These factors include international travel and trade, e.g. legal and illegal trade in animals and animal products, new agricultural practices and land-use patterns, socio-demographic evolution and climatic changes.

Health …
“The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years”
Deepak Chopra