Oilwell Cable Company

A Recommendations Report Team A:
Claire Donnelly (Project Manager) 10085875 Kenneth Condon 10047545 Thomas Papp 10045411 Carlo De Mattia 10067150 Olugbemi Rosiji 10070260

Project Background • Originally known as Chord Cable Company – had management difficulties • Oilwell Cable Company now run using team management process – works well • Produces primarily flat and round wire and cables for submersible pumps in oil wells • Proposal to introduce new microprocessors to improve competitiveness .

Norm going ahead with micro-processor conversion project • Potential problems / advantages of Norm putting the decision to the appropriate production team • How to address issues encountered • Recommendations .Scope of works • Conflicts / advantages of Operations Manager.

Analysis of Key Issues • Team management process: 11 teams highly involved in the Company decision making process • Decision making: should the prod. team be consulted? • Organization: getting the buy in from the production team • Staff Insecurity: by-passing the production team could be seen as a threat to job security • Timing: by-passing the production team would expedite the entire process .

expansion of product range – THREATS: vulnerability to new products and technology. one location only – OPPORTUNITIES: company expansion. competitive – WEAKNESSES: slow decision making. single location.SWOT Analysis – STRENGTHS: resourcing. recession could cause layoffs . quality products.

Project Proposal • Stakeholders / Sponsor identified • Work breakdown structure compiled • Project lifecycle • Risks identified & addressed – All risks rated good and bad by priority with control measures .

Work Breakdown Structure .

Risk Matrix .

Project Proposal (cont’d.) • Communication plan proposal – Introduce team leaders to production team – Encourage two-way communication – Use conflict / change management tools • Recommendations – – – – Add project management team to the matrix organization Expand the company nationally & internationally Adequate resource management – ensure motivation Audit & Review progress of company .

assumption that everyone was familiar with the application • Lack of regular face-to-face made the project difficult • Consistency in Harvard Referencing was time consuming .Our Lessons Learnt • Google Drive was used to store files.

decentralizing • Risks Identified and Prioritized • Conflict management & change control tools will keep staff motivated during the transition to a matrix organization design • Adequate communications plan should be used to keep staff productive / motivated & ensure buy-in from stakeholders • Auditing tools should be used to monitor progress .Summary and Suggestions • We suggest the organization structure changes to matrix organizational design to aid decision making to include project management team • Oilwell needs to look at expanding .