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Light Emitting Diode (LED)
• PN junction diode which emits Light when forward biased. • The emitted light may be visible or invisible • Electroluminescence

How Light is Emitted?

Energy Diagram of PN Junction
At Equilibrium

Factors deciding the Light colour
• Various Impurities are added during the doping process to establish the wavelength of the emitted light • Wavelength of emitted light depends on Eg (Band Gap) • Eg depends on the material used. • Therefore the colour of the emitted light depends on the material used.

Material Used GaAs GaAsP GaP GaN Colour of the Emitted Light IR Red Green Blue

General Light Output versus Forward Current

Why Si & Ge are not used for LEDs?
• Any idea???

Multicolor LEDs (RGB LED)
• It is actually three single color LEDs (Red, Green & Blue) combined into a single package • Red, Green & Blue – primary colors & when mixed together in varying amounts can be used to produce any color in the visible spectrum

• Electronic Devices by Floyd • Electronic Devices & Circuits by S Salivahanan