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Conclusion References 28-aug-2012 .Contents:2 Introduction History Definition and Terminology Symmetric and Asymmetric key cryptography Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms.

28-aug-2012 .Introduction 3 This is the technique to make our communication confidential in this hostile environment. It is an effective technique for information security. In ancient it is used for military purpose only but now a days by many commercial companies and publicly it used for information security.

History Of Cryptography 4 Before the modern era:1.It was limited for message confidentiality. 3.It was used to ensure the secrecy in communication such as those – Spies Military leaders And Diplomats In modern era:1.There is so many more complex ciphers are produced by electronics. 28-aug-2012 .It is mainly used for computing or communication used through computer.There is so many new techniques come. 2. 2.

In it plain text convert into cipher text and then again cipher text converted into plain text.Message altered to unreadable for any one except intended recipients. Plain text. secret” and “grapho” that means “I write”. There is certain keys are used to make this.Sequence that controls the operations and behavior of the cryptographic algorithms.It is come from Greek word “krypto” that means “hidden. Key.The message is in natural form and readable by anyone Cipher text.This is nothing but encryption and decryption of information. 3. 28-aug-2012 . 2.Definition and terminology 5 Cryptography1.

28-aug-2012 . a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as procedure. Cipher. and the key management function used to perform the cryptographic operations.Definition and terminology(2) 6 Key space. key. it is an algorithm for performing encryption and decryption.Total no.In cryptography.The combination of algorithms. Cryptosystem. of possible values of keys in a cryptoalgorithms.

Block ciphers.Symmetric Key Cryptography 7 1.A block cipher operates on block of fixed length. 28-aug-2012 . In it both the sender and receiver shares the same key. often 64 or 128 bits. In symmetric key ciphers relates mainly to the study of block ciphers and stream ciphers and to their application. 2.

Types of Secret Writing 8 Secret writing Steganography Cryptography Substitution Transposition Code Cipher .

Public Key Cryptography 9 Private (symmetric. secret) key – the same key used for encryption/decryption Problem of key distribution Public (asymmetric) key cryptography – a public key used for encryption and private key for decryption Key distribution problem solved .

 There is used of public key and private key and some time digital sign also there.g. 28-aug-2012 .Asymmetric Key Cryptography 10  Mathematically related key pairs for encryption and decryption.  For e.

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Known Plaintext: Eve(Third party) has a copy of cipher text and the corresponding plaintext and tries the deduce the key. 4. 28-aug-2012 . Chosen Cipher text: Eve has a copy plaintext corresponding to a copy of cipher text selected by Alice who believes it is useful to deduce the key. 3. Ciphertext only: Alice has only a copy of ciphertext 2.Attacks 13 1. Chosen Plaintext: Eve has a copy of cipher text corresponding to a copy of plaintext selected by Alice who believes it is useful to deduce the key.

Conclusions 14 We are conclude that the cryptography is the better technique to make our information confidential but it is not best because all the techniques are break at some standards. 28-aug-2012 .

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