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General information .

389 km and the total area of the country is 33. The capital of Moldova is Chișinău.843 square km . the total length of the national boundaries is 1. East and South Moldova is surrounded by Ukraine. on the North.Moldova was formed in 1359 as a feudal state by Bogdan I. . 27 August is the national holiday because in 1991 Moldova was recognized as an independent country . and the official title became Republic of Moldova . and on the West it is separated from Romania by the Prut River.

The coat of arms of Moldova consists of a stylized eagle holding a cross in its beak and a scepter and an olive branch in its claws . Everything on the shield has one of the three traditional colors: red. a five-petal flower and a moon in a crescent phase. the chest of the eagle is protected by a shield that bears the traditional insigns of Moldova: an aurochs head with the sun between its horns. yellow and red. It also contains two lozenges (the ears). the Flag Day of Moldova is celebrated on 27 April each year. blue.The state flag of Moldova is a vertical tricolor of blue. yellow. . Since April 2010. charged with the coat of arms of Moldova that appears in the center of the flag .

. 25. 1 Moldavian leu = 100 bani. 50 bani. coins of 1. 5. 10.The Republic of Moldova’s currency is Moldavian Leu (MDL). On the back of the coin we find the coat of arms of Moldova.

Geograp hy .

Main rivers are Nistru and Prut. numerous ravines and steppes in the south. .The relief of Moldova is gently rolling hilly plain in the north. thick deciduous forests in the center. the lowest point in the country we can find in the Nistru river: 2 m and the highest point Mount Bălănești 430 m.

Precipitation occurs all the year long. Average annual precipitation fluctuates between 380 mm and 550 mm. Winters are soft and short. summers are long. Average temperature in January is -4C and in July +21C. Absolute minimum is -36C.Climatically Moldova is situated in the temperate continental zone of Mediterranean temperate winds. hot and relatively dry. Big temperature fluctuations are rare. absolute maximum is +41C . .

we have a beautiful forest in the center of the country: the ecosystems named Codrii Moldovei and Plaiul Fagului. favorable combination of climate conditions and the soil makes it possible to obtain rich harvest of cereals . Because of this reason. .The flora of the Republic of Moldova is remarkably rich. Another scientific reservations are the ”Prutul de Jos” reservation and the Padurea Domneasca Reservation. fruits and vegetables.

Population and Language .

Native population constitutes the majority. As a lot of countries of central and eastern Europe. we are also Eastern Orthodox.5% and other 6% . but Russian. . Gagauz and Bulgarian are also spoken. Ethnic division say that Moldova is a multiethnic country: 64% Moldovan/Romanian Ukrainian 14 % . Gagauz 3.The state language is Romanian. Russian 13% .

Political system .

So. . about the political system in Moldova . national independence elected for four years . Government assures the implementation of internal and external policy. the executive body and the judicial body is represent by Supreme Court of Justice. Legislative body consist of 101 deputies and it is the unique legislative authority of the state. having obligation and rights . he is the guarantee of sovereignty . one person is representing the entire country – the President . The constitution shows that all the people in Republic of Moldova are equal .

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