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Presentation on organization study and quality assurance in production

East african overseas was set up by Late Mr. Amrut Mody in 1980. MR. JITENDER was appointed Chairman and Managing Director in 2010. Its head office is located in Delhi. One of its plant is located in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh). Baddi is located about 45 kms from the architectural paradigm, Chandigarh, the town is surrounded by lush green hills of the Shivalik range of mountains. Baddi formulations plant become fully operational in 1998.

The Company has received ISO 9001:2000 for all its plants and corporate office. The Company has received ISO14001:1996 certificates for its formulation plants ( dehradun and Baddi) and Corporate Office at Delhi. Baddi plant houses the manufacturing facility for different formulations including parenterals.

Product Profile
Product for Human Bodies:Beta lactum antibodies nutraceuticals. Ampoxin (injection, capsules, kid tabs, neonate, & dry syrup) Sulbacin injection. Mymox capsules. Myclave tablets. Unienzyme tablets etc.

Veterinary Products
It is essential for initiating and maintaining pregnancy. UNIMYCIN* Unimycin eliminates the necessity for any other intra uterine therapy.


A liquid feed supplement for cattle & poultry, containing Iron, B-complex, Calcium


A unique Growth Promoter & body Defence booster.


Quality assurance Department. Purchase Department formulation & Development Stores Department Maintenance Department

It guides investment where opportunity is the greatest Develops the best plan to obtain the external funds needed Establish and maintain a system of financial control governing the allocation and use of funds Carry out special studies with a view to reduce costs, improve efficiency and profitability.

It is continuously involved in analyzing the longrun opportunities in the marketing fort improving the units performance It is also responsible for monitoring of commercial market and the related technology trend never less than competitors It is also involved in determining the customer satisfaction


Salary computation Salary disbursement Leave Marking Attendance Manpower Planning Recruitment Transfer and Promotion


VISION: "To be a global Pharmaceutical company with increasing focus on innovative research and developed markets" MISSION To be a caring Pharmaceutical company helping to enhance health through quality products

Strengths :Low cost of production. Large pool of skilled technical manpower. Weakness:Very low key F&D. Lack of experience in International Trade.

Dedicated lines depending on size of vials/Amp.

AMPOULE LINE: Four Ampoule Lines are available at Nitin Lifesciences. Line III is dedicated for 3ml ampoules and IV for 2ml ampoules. The major products manufactured in Ampoule line are Termadol, Doclofenac Sodium, Ranitidine Hydro chloride, Peramacetol etc.

Opportunities :New diagnoses and new social diseases. New delivery systems. Threats:Lack of experience in International Trade. High entry cost in newer markets.

Statement of the problem: Labour turnover in east african overseas Ltd. Causes: Employee dissatisfaction with job. Low remuneration. Long hours of work. Poor working condition. Bad relation with supervisor and fellow workers.

Suggestion:To understand the need of employees. To identify the reasons for leaving. To develop the career progression path. To recognize the employees in the organization. To enrich the job of the employees. To enhance the knowledge and skill of the employees.

Improvements and Implementation at EAR

High Beam Torch Implemented at location. Pictorial line clearance check list Implemented. Lux meter for light intensity monitoring implemented. Double Hand Gloves Practices in Sterile Area. UV burning hrs. record implemented

UPS backup provided to all LAF. Rejection analysis started and Log book implemented for every stage(Washing/filling/visual inspection) with type of rejection