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PRESENTED BY Dip Kumar Roy Jibon ID: 132011014 BBA .

Topic Private Universities VS Public Universities .

Introduction University is the only way to the acquire higher degree education but besides of public university. private university are competitor almost in Bangladesh. .

Total Number of Private and Public University in Bangladesh At present there are 77 private universities and 34 public universities in Bangladesh. . Here I am going to submit some points about both private university & public university. It is an old contest between the private university vs. public university.

Benefits of Attending a Private University  There is no political clash and session jam.  The class size is smaller than any public university and it makes the students more attentive to there study.  Classes held on the scheduled time and in case of miss any class. So the students can complete there courses in time. . more personal relationships with their professors and instructors. the teachers take make up classes.  Students generally build up stronger.

 Many private universities offer financial aid packages to those students who excel academically superior to their financial backgrounds.  Most of the private universities are technology based.Benefit of Private University  Almost every classroom is air-conditioned and it makes the students comfortable. .  Students can transfer credits to foreign universities.

Drawbacks of attending a private university  The main disadvantage of private university is high tuition fees. always the students of private universities do not get priority.  Generally people think that the students of private universities are not as brilliant as the public university students. .  In the field of career. It is the question of image of the students.  Private universities are not automatically superior to public university.  Most of the private universities have no permanent campus.

 The admission test system finds out the talented students.Benefits of Attending a Public University  Tuition is much cheaper than that of a private university.  Many well known professors take classes here.  The natural environment of the campus is a positive point for the students. .  Almost every public university has their own accommodation and transport system.

 Classes do not be held on the scheduled time. .Drawbacks of attending a public university  The political clash and the session problem are disturbed to give proper education.  Sometimes the admission system is not fairly held and that’s why many talented students can not be admitted.  The distance between teacher and students is remarkable.  The environment of the halls of the university is not secured.

. Students should rate their ideal university’s unique programs and course offerings before deciding on which institution to attend. the most important factor of a successful education is how well studied institution is to the individual students needs and career interests.CONCLUSION Overall.