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Course Year

: CB422/Spiritual Development : February 2013


Session 6

Consciously Forgiving

How the brain works Reptilian brain, limbic brain, neo cortex Our mind as the leader
We think with our brain but the brain itself controlled by the mind

Habits forming Mental habits can be changed or formed by changing mind


Forgiving According to Spiritual Experience

Generating understanding Self-reflection, if we were in the position of the person we dislike? Even if we are right, others might not be wrong Anger causes suffering The mind is not calm; Our comfort, health and work is disturbed No one can ever hurt you except yourself (Gandhi)

Encouragement from Love

Love ourselves so we can love others Interdependency: When others are wrong, we are also wrong If you are right, you can keep your anger. But, when you are wrong, you can not deprive your anger (Gandhi) Forgiving in love for together goodness

Forgiving as the Demands of Faith

To forgive before the convict apologize - Muhammad Forgiving not only 7 times, but 70 times 7 - Jesus Free from vigilante - Buddha

Mercy from God

God is full of love and mercy God has declared guidance on asking for forgiveness The parable of The return of the lost son.

Compassion and Wisdom Insight

Believe and love to God means to bring the unlimited love of God in us Universal love, not wanting others to suffers, happy for the happiness of others, by keeping the balance in facing conflict based on truth and justice

Important Elements of Forgiving

Asking for forgiveness is not enough. A radical change in fixing or not repeating the same mistake is crucial. Do not deny the responsibility, pay the price of the mistake, based on the law Forgiving does not mean deleting the mistake but rather to not keep the revenge in heart, freeing one from pressure of regret and giving chance to change
The greatest achievement is not in never failing, but in rising again after you fall (Vincent Lombardi)


The eye cannot see the eye oneself One suffers not because of critics of others but his perception and feeling that react negatively

It does not mean losing, fear, inability to compete Showing greatness of spirit, personal maturity & faith maturity Understand that everyone has weakness and make mistakes Conquering oneself , not others

Reward of Forgiving

The Miracle of Healing Mental attitude affects physical health Enemies become friends Reconciliation benefits all, to unite to build a better life Internal and external peace Bringing heaven, peace in ones heart, peace on earth