The 21st Century School

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

The demand of the Guide !
Not the teacher

The new tool in class

e-learning powered by digital solutions

The new boss in school is the Student !

The new teacher !

Google !!

The new parent !
The student himself !

The Principal is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Teachers have new role as
Facilitators Learning Officers Life Long Learners

Change is happening faster in the classrooms
With global demands and benchmarking !

The learning Scenario has a transformation
Global Scale & Competition

The learning Scenario has a transformation
Knowledge is the new currency !

The jobs of the future have not been created Fast Growing Jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago
App Developer Social Media Manager User Experience Manager Bio-informatian Elder care services co-ordinator Sustainability Manager Energy Auditor Fuel Cell Engineer others….

Reality check:
Classroom NOT evolved !


The Shifts in the Modern Learning Paradigm

Self-directed …moving from Dependency to Autonomy

The Social Learner …moving from ME to WE

Inquiry- based ….moving from the known to the unknown

“Education requires more than great devices”
Above all: A commitment to share the learning and implement the solutions available.

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