JOURNALISM is the practice of investigating and reporting events, issues and trends to the mass audiences of print, broadcast and online media such as newspapers, magazines, books, radio television stations networks,blogs, social mobile media. The product generated by such activity is called journalism. People who gather and package news and information for mass dissemination are journalists. The field includes writing, editing, design and photography.


broadcast presenters. producers and others who are the purveyors of information and opinion in contemporary mass society. photographers.Journalists: writers. WHO ARE THE JOURNALISTS? . videographers. editors.

reliable information they need to function in society. Shooting photographs and videos Editing stories Checking facts Planning issues Laying out pages WHAT DOES A JOURNALIST DO? .The main intention of those working in the journalism profession is There are many different jobs in journalism. A news journalist might be involved with: Researching stories Writing hard news and feature stories to provide their readers and audiences with accurate.

Journalists have to conduct research and gather information before they can start writing. They might be interviews. Writing hard news and feature stories Researching stories Writing hard news and feature stories Shooting photographs and video Editing stories Checking facts Planning issues Laying out pages Hard news stories are short and focus on telling you what just happened. need a topical news peg (reason for existence). Journalists use three tools to gather information for stories: observation. Feature stories. etc. WHAT DOES A JOURNALIST DO? . magazine and web stories require research before writing. on the other hand. travel reports. how-to articles.Researching stories Newspaper. interview and background research.

Magazines still do it. Editing stories They prepare and improve the work of other people. They correct grammar errors and straighten out organizational issues. which makes photography a useful skill for writers to have. Researching stories Writing hard news and feature stories Checking facts Newspapers rarely employ people to check facts. Multitasking is more and more a part of life in media. Shooting photographs and video Editing stories Checking facts Planning issues Laying out pages WHAT DOES A JOURNALIST DO? .Shooting photographs and videos Photojournalists use their images to tell a story with very few words. but it's becoming less common. At many publications. copy editors are an endangered species and journalists are expected to get it right the first time with no safety net. They write headlines and make sure the publication has a consistent style.

Laying out pages They design and lay out pages mixing copy written by reporters with photos shot by photographers and other art. editors and designers. At smaller papers. reporters sometimes lay out pages in addition to writing the copy for them and shooting the photos for them. As journalists advance upward in job responsibility. they do less actual writing and more planning and management of other writers.Planning issues They are responsible for all the content in a newspaper. Researching stories Writing hard news and feature stories Shooting photographs and video Editing stories Checking facts Planning issues Laying out pages WHAT DOES A JOURNALIST DO? . The ability to use those programs is a valuable skill for a journalist. magazine or website. Whoever designs it. layout is accomplished using software such as Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign.

Film. unemployment and other economic indicators. personal finance. corporate business practices. and government policies. fashion critics or fashion reporters. social issues. architecture. music. Business journalism is a genre in journalism that includes coverage of companies. TYPES OF JOURNALISTS . the workplace. Fashion journalists are sometimes referred to as fashion writers. literature and theater are some of the arts that arts journalists focus on.Advocacy journalists focus on stories dealing with political corruption.


• Enable you to work within different ethnic groups and cultures. • You can profit from a great flow of information WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR A JOURNALIST TO KNOW FOREIGN LANGUAGES? .Foreign language skills are essential for journalists because they : • Improve your analytic and interpretive capacities.

Fluency in languages other than English and confidence in reporting with a variety of mediums makes a journalism graduate attractive to business journalism organizations expanding their reach country by country. THE “HOTTEST” LANGUAGES FOR JOURNALISTS .

The “hottest” languages these days for journalists are Chinese and Arabic. . But proficiency in a number of other languages can also be a selling point in a young journalist’s career. since fluent speakers who can also write well in English are few and far between.

A publisher specializing in online media in London earns a salary of 3. . But . the heads of department have between 7500-11500 euro / month and simple editors between 3500 7. the size of the news outlet and the medium.000 euros per month. larger news organizations tend to pay more than smaller ones. your salary is just the minimum wage.EARNINGS Salaries can vary according to the region.500euro/month. and an editor specializing in video games could reach a salary of 3.for example. if you are new in this field.600 euros per month for a journalist with 20 years of experience while the Belgian journalists only receive 1. The salaries of journalists can reach in the United States up to 4. In general.300 euros per month.624 euros a month. In Romania .


TIPS TO BE A GOOD JOURNALIST . Don’t accept no for an answer. • • • • You must know what you want. and continue to write. Twitter. Maintain a presence on Facebook.• • • LEARN VERY WELL AT LEAST A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Hone your technical skills: Photoshop. and web publishing programs are all very important in today’s media. be passionate about it. HTML. Be persistent. CSS. and then pursue it relentlessly. Linked-In. help you make connections. and anything else that will get your name out there. Learn more about available programs and request information from a variety of journalism schools and degree programs.

1. Slow news days do actually exist. There will be online commenters that do not respect your talent or vision. . THINGS YOU SHOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION 2.

There is no chill like the chill that goes through you when you spot a typo in your headline. 4. Sometimes it is difficult to get started in the morning.3. THINGS YOU SHOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION .

THINGS YOU SHOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION .5. 6. So you shouldn’t bank on it. There is still a long way to go in terms of gender equality. either. The news doesn’t sleep.

-You get to meet celebrities -Maybe you even get to enjoy a little celebrity. WHY IS JOURNALISM THE BEST JOB EVER ? .-You’re always learning. -You get paid to meet interesting people. -And then there’s the small matter of selfexpression. -Journalists get around (traveling every once in a while ). -You get paid to read a ton.

PROS AND CONS OF BEING A JOURNALIST .  Being invited to cover various events such as theatre performances and restaurant meal reviews for FREE!  You get to travel .  You get paid to write. Not knowing what to expect from one day to the next as no two days are ever the same  Challenging and demanding for people who work best under pressure.  You get to meet and talk to a variety of people (even celebrities). something that most newspaper journalists should have a passion for doing in the first place.  To have your name published on stories in print and on websites.  To be seen and often respected by the general public as someone of authority and influence.

 Low pay. war zone or other violent disturbance  Being blamed for bad news or being seen as the enemy by members of the public when covering sensitive news or events PROS AND CONS OF BEING A JOURNALIST .  Long and often unsociable hours which can include weekends and public holidays .  Working in a demanding and ever changing industry  A risk of death or injury if covering a riot. Typically a Romanian journalist's starting salary is the minimum wage.

Ambush journalism Attribution Background Byline Celebrity journalism Checkbook Journalism Columnist Editorial Libel Morgue Yellow Journalism JOURNALISM LINGO .

Ambush journalism Attribution Background Byline aggressive tactics practiced by journalists who suddenly confront and question people who otherwise do not wish to speak to a journalist . credit given to the source of facts information that is not intended for publication the name of the reporter Celebrity journalism Checkbook Journalism Columnist Editorial Libel Morgue Yellow Journalism it focuses on the personal lives of celebrities journalists paying a person or organization for a news story an article writer who gives an opinion on a topic an article expressing a newspaper or magazine owner's or editor's position on an issue a part in a newspaper story that is false and likely to ruin one's reputation a newspaper’s library of clippings of old articles It is sensationalistic news (when someone makes up news to attract readers) JOURNALISM LINGO .

Chesterton “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated. except reporters and photographers. I just change my hairstyle.K.” ― Oscar Wilde QUOTES .” ― Mahatma Gandhi “If I want to knock a story off the front page.” ― Hillary Rodham Clinton “Journalism largely consists in saying "Lord Jones is dead" to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive. journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” ― G.“I believe in equality for everyone.

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