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Samina , Momtaz, Fakiha , Salma, April, Roma and Faduma.

Child Poverty
• Poverty is the root cause of the issue “Lack of Nutritious Breakfast for Children” in Toronto and this has been affecting parents and children at large. In recent years, the government’s attempt to eradicate child poverty has failed.
•It is estimated that “60% of the GTA’s low income children live in Toronto” (City of Toronto, 2011).

Rising Child Poverty In Ontario

Raising a Child in Poverty




•Lack of parent education •Unemployment • Lack of accessibility to grocery stores • Rise in food prices •Limited amount of distribution from social assistance towards food •Neglectful parents •Barriers /policies (factual information child poverty)


The government (federal, provincial, municipal)-are working towards eradicating child poverty • Parents-are interested to feed their children • Community centres run programs to help the communities at large • Grocery stores promote deals to attract consumers to buy food at an affordable rate • Daycares include breakfast programs in the morning for children of all ages

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Second harvest/Food Bank helping those in need Schools, colleges and universities-advocate for breakfast programs in all schools Canadian Feed the Children- committed to fight against poverty UNICEF- advocates for all children and it is a children-based organization Make Poverty History -committed to ending poverty in Canada

Key Questions
 Why parents have passive attitudes to provide a nutritious breakfast for their children?-Momtaz How can parents of low income families have access to nutritious and affordable grocery stores?April Why hasn’t the minimum wage increased in the past four years?-Fakiha How does unemployment affect families from a providing a nutritious breakfast?-Roma What programs are currently in place to provide children with breakfast programs?- Salma Is the National Child Benefit Supplement enough money to pay for nutrition food?-Faduma Action plan Faduma

Why parents have passive attitude to provide healthy breakfast for their children?
Reasons Insufficient income and so both parents get engaged in work  Low paying job  Engaged in more than one job  Irregular schedule and irregular shifts  Stressful work m+work&biw=1280&bih=923&tb

Reason for not providing healthy food for their children
    

Time pressure, so trade or treat food choice Lack of knowledge about the importance of healthy food Lack of knowledge about Childs brain development and how nutritious breakfast impact on school performance Workplace environment greatly impact on parent physical and mental ability Have no job security and no job satisfaction nt+picture+from+work&biw=1280&bih=923&tb

How can people in low-income communities have access to healthy and affordable grocery stores
What is the issue ?

 Many children in Toronto go to school hungry.

One of the causes:

 Many low-income families are constrained in their ability to access

affordable nutritious food because they live far from large grocery stores and do not have easy access to transportation.

How do these people do grocery shopping?  People who live in food deserts have to rely on small grocery stores or convenience stores. Where are the food deserts?  In Toronto, food deserts exist within the city’s inner suburbs and priority neighborhoods

 The prominence of these food deserts are increased, as lower income communities are more dependent on public transit or walking to access these grocery stores.

Possible Solutions

• Government can provide incentives for food retailers to establish

operations in food deserts. •A grocery transportation system can be established to help residents in food deserts to get easy access to large grocery stores.
• Establish

organizations such as Angel Food Ministries and Gaballi Food Boxes whose mission is to provide fresh and lower-price food for people

Why is it time to raise the minimum wage?
The cost of living is going up and the value of minimum wage is going down.  Families end up at food banks at the end of the month.  Families need to feed their children nutritious food.  Families are concerned about their children’s health and development

The minimum wage should be raised to $14 an hour

A group calls for the minimum wage to be raised to $14 an hour, Feb. 15, 2014

Ontario’s workers are more reliant on minimumwage jobs than any other parts of the country

Simple Facts about Nutritious Breakfast
According to Public Health Nutrition:
 

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day It is not only provides important daily nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates It also helps to improve school performance, allowing students to do better on tests. Luck of nutritious break fast lead a child difficulty concentrating in class and luck of energy.

Unemployment people can not afford to buy foods that have all the nutritional needs for a healthy diet • It affects the spouse, children and others in the family network • Psychological squealer (worrying, depression) • Behavioural consequences (impaired school performance, strained relations with friends, isolation) • Possible parental abuse and neglect


Advocacy Action Plan
  

Inform the unemployed families about community and city resources Outreach the awareness and available of support and services of local agencies Conduct workshop, visit with unemployed families at school, college, daycare centre, and door to door of communities and distribute flyers. Provide financial support through fundraising

What programs are currently in place to provide children with breakfast programs in Toronto

Toronto Public Health, and community agencies provide grassroots organizing for more than 700 universal programs helping feed 148,000 students daily

According to my findings there is “Student Nutrition Programs” in the City of Toronto. It is a program that offers a healthy breakfast to most of the children in need

Breakfast Club of Canada & Breakfast Makes Me Shine

These Clubs are enhancing school breakfast programming and improving the knowledge, abilities and confidence of those involved. Another objective of the Clubs is to equip the schools and communities to serve on a daily basis a nutritious breakfast

Food Share Toronto
 Since 1985, it has organized “Student Nutrition Programs” from grass root level supporting the vision of universal cost shared programs.  As a member of the Toronto Partners for Student Nutrition they help facilitate 720 local programs which serve 141,000 meals a day.  Their partners are Toronto Public Health, The Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Catholic District School Board, the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, the Angel Foundation for Learning and community partners

National Child Benefit Supplement
 Joint

program  Involves Federal, Provincial & Territorial government  Help families with children

NCBS cont’d
 Combined

with Child Tax Benefit  Extra financial assistance for low income families in Canada

NCBS Eligibility
Parent caring for a child under 17  Must file income tax  Must lived in Canada for over 18 months

Action plan in action


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