42nd Royal Highland Regiment “The Black Watch”

This historic Regiment was first raised in 1739 as the 43rd Regiment and is the oldest and most famous of all the Highland Regiments of Scotland. The sombre appearance of its tartan and its original role of policing the Highlands led to it being called “The Black Watch”. The tartan was designed to avoid clan affiliations and is thus also called the „Government Sett‟. During the Peninsular War (1809-1813), the 42nd fought with distinction. Discipline was far greater in the Highland Regiments than that found in regular line units. Most Highland soldiers were recruited from local areas and thus had a closer bond both to their Regiment and to each other. At Waterloo in 1815, The Black Watch were part of Pictons‟ Division which was instrumental in stopping Napoleons advance and so helped turn the tide against the “Corsican Monster”. In 1786, the 2nd battalion of the 42nd was renumbered as the 73rd Regiment of Foot. The 73rd came to Australia in 1809 to relieve the NSW Corps and were commanded by Lt Colonel Lachlan Macquarie, who also took over as Governor of the colony. In 1881, the 73rd was again absorbed into the 42nd and the long held nickname “The Black Watch” was officially recognised. Australian links are numerous, with many veterans immigrating here. The Royal NSW Regiment also retains a formal link with the current Black Watch.

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Do you have an interest in Georgian or Napoleonic History? We are currently seeking genuinely interested people to join us. Step back in time and bring history to life with the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (1815) Australia Inc (42RHRA).

worked and survived in the early 19th century.000 participants are expected. These include Celtic Festivals and Gatherings. In Australia. Contact us now for a copy of our membership book listing all information for prospective members. at least 8. WATERLOO 2015 The perfidious French are planning to break free from their imposed constraints again in the year 2015. Find out how people lived and what was happening the British Empire and the world in this period. South Australia and Western Australia. to light a fire without modern matches and to perform foot drill. Unless it can be proved that an item of dress or equipment was used in the period portrayed it will not be worn by our members. Historic venue open days / heritage fairs and as honour guards at dinners. . the 42RHRA has members in Queensland. we form part of the Worldwide Highland Brigade (a living history organisation with members all over Europe and North America). Some 2500 living history enthusiasts from all over the world participated and shared in the experience. All members must comply to this strict dress code. OTHER EVENTS The 42RHRA meet locally and regularly to practice drill and perform at various events. is a fully incorporated association of living history enthusiasts that actively re-enact all aspects of the Georgian\Napoleonic Period (1792-1815). Victoria. New members must agree to this strict code to ensure uniformity and a continuing sense of authenticity. The 42nd RHRA have sourced materials and items. as laid down by His Majesty King George III. In 2015. The international links also include reciprocal membership arrangements with the European Napoleonic Society (ENS) and the Napoleonic Association (NA) in the UK. Members learn such thing as how to load and fire a Brown Bess flintlock musket. If you would like to have the 42nd appear at your event. Authenticity of the Uniform and Equipment All uniforms and the accoutrements you see our members wearing are made to existing patterns that date back to 1815. a contingent of Australian 42nd Highlanders joined with the 42nd Highland Regiment in the UK and participated in this battle. The 42nd RHRA will meet up with other contingents from all over the world in 2015. ACT. This event is held in Belgium. near the small village of Waterloo. Internationally. to re enact the Battle of Waterloo again.Who is the 42RHRA? The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (1815) Australia Inc. contact the names on the other side of this brochure. New South Wales. In 2005. We will assist in every way to ensure each new member has access to this information. We research and strive to show how men and women lived. on the very ground the first battle took place.