Airtel Retail Advertising Monitoring and Maintenance

Brief Monitor and maintain the Airtel advertising presence at the retail level Keep Bharti continually updated on market developments Monitor competitive activity and take action to counter any competitive market initiative .

create “Airtel Oasis” Implement retail level promotions if required Make Airtel the No.Strategy To assess the advertising presence of the Airtel brand at retail level To update this assessment on a daily basis Cultivate close relationships with key retailers .1 cellular brand in terms of retail visibility .

 Glowsign Boxes @ Rs 150 Per Sq feet or Wall Paintings will be done on a 4Rs Sq feet Basis on Lanes where High Pedestrial Movements are there.  A whole Exclusive Branding of Airtel on the Shop will be undertaken with a clause where the electricity bills will be paid by Bharti per Month . .Retail Promotions  Retail Scheme Where we can introduce a Dealer Scheme where a Dealer will be selected on Airtel Display & IMPROVEMENT in Sales for a particular period where he gets a personal meeting with any of the Airtel Brand Ambassadors namely Sachin Tendulkar or Shah Rukh Khan personally visiting his shop and giving a autograph to him.

Staffing Recruit a team of Advertising Supervisors monitored by a City-inCharge Number of AS’s required would be dependant on the number of retail outlets to be monitored Each AS can cover 50 outlets a day .

maintain and replace Airtel advertising signage DAR’s to be handed over to the City-In-Charge at the end of each day Each AS will work a different specified route each day .Advertising Supervisor To cover a specific retail route on a daily basis Collect data on fixed parameters on a printed Daily Activity Report format Put up.

City-In-Charge To co-ordinate the activities of the AS’s To upload each days data. every evening.“Airtel Oasis” Crisis management To double as the S&V dedicated Airtel resource for Outdoor . to the Advertising Management Information System website (AMIS) File DAR hard copies as data back-up To develop a close relationship with strategic outlets .

Sequential Query Language) Each CIC will upload DAR’s daily Bharti will have access to a front end interface Databases will be strictly confidential and Bharti’s property Mirror Server back-up twice daily .Advertising Management Information System (AMIS) A password protected web-site running MS-SQL 2000™ (Microsoft .

Role of Serve & Volley Will handle this activity on a turn-key basis Will need a 1 month lead time to launch Will hold monthly conferences with all staff in each circle Would like to be evaluated against Bharti decided performance yardsticks .