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Event management is the application of the

management practice of project management to
the creation and development of festivals and

Event Management involves:

•Studying the intricacies of the brand
• Identifying the target audiences
• Devising the event concept
• Planning the logistics and
• Coordinating the technical aspects before
actually executing the modalities of the proposed
Marketing Tool &Services of Event
Management Company
Marketing Tool Services
• Strategic marketing and • Corporate events
communication tools by • Marketing programs
companies of all sizes • Leisure events
• Uses the news media to • Cultural events
target audience.
• Personal events
• Personal events
• Special events
The Event Manager is the person who plans and executes the
event Event managers and their teams are often behind-the-
scenes running the event
• Planning and execution of the event.
• Brand building, marketing and communication.
• Client Service
• Budget drafting & Cash flow management
• Procurement & Scheduling
• Site design, Technical design.
• Health & Safety
Event Management as an Industry

Event Management is a multi-million dollar industry, growing

rapidly, with mega shows and events hosted regularly..

The industry includes fields such as

• MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events).
• Exhibitions
• Conferences and seminars.
• Live music and sporting events.
China Travel Conference and Event
Management Company
China Travel Conference and Event Management
Company (China Travel Events) is a wholly owned
subsidiary of the China Travel Service (H.K.) Ltd,
one of the biggest travel operators and wholesalers in
Hong Kong.
Mission – Bring out the best resources in the region
and offer a flawless and most memorable event for
our clients.

• Conference
• Exhibition
• Event Management
1. Organize theme parties, banquets, product launch, media visits etc
2. Identify special venues
3. Propose and design on the themes of the events, venue set up, F&B
arrangement, invitation, giveaways .
Events Date Venue Attendance
The 2005 IEEE March 2005 Hong Kong Hong Kong
International Conference
on e-technology, e-
commerce & e-service

36th Worldwide Chung Dec 2004 Shenzhen 1,000

Ling Alumni Carnival
7th International August 2004 Hong Kong 400
Conference of Human
Services Information
Applications 2004
Asian Student Christian April 2004 Hong Kong 100
Music Festival
APSCOM (Advances in November 2003 Hong Kong 180
Power System Control,
Operation and
Management) 2003
Corporate Client
• Amway
• Deutsche Post
• DHL International Hong Kong
• Lexus International
• Manulife
• Nu Skin
• Texwinca