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Founder of NUTRILITE

Inventor of
Multivitamins &
from plants
• While living in china in early 1920’s Carl
Rehnborg noticed , an important
connection between the foods people ate
and their overall health.

• During political unrest in Shanghai, Carl was
isolated in a protected enclave. There, he
conceived the idea of using nutritional
elements missing from the typical diet as a
way to improve overall health.
• Carl supplemented his meager diet
•with soups from what was available:

•local herbs, grasses, and vegetables,

•and lime stone and ground-up

•along with rusty nails (for iron)

•animal bones (for calcium).

• He shared his broth with a few friends,
although the flavor was far from palatable.
• Months later, Carl and his friends who ate
the nutrient-rich broth emerged from their
enclave much healthier than those who had
eaten only army rations.
• He developed a way to dry these
plants while still preserving their
important nutrients.
• He created a formulation of alfalfa,
watercress, and parsley, which
became the basis of his first

• Nutrilite always apply a rule “If we
are utilizing the resources from
plant then the plant also needs those
resources to generate it”.
• Nutrilite avoid the use of synthetic
pesticides, herbicides, and
• They replenish the soil, rather than
depleting it.
• Environmentally-friendly methods to
control weeds, insects and other
harmful things.
Nutrilite farming
Seeds of Serving
• NUTRILITE have over 6,400 acres of
NUTRILITE farmland, where plants
are grown and harvested in
accordance with nature
• Nutrilite processing techniques –
NUTRILITE plants are dehydrated and
processed within hours of harvest
• "Just-in-time" freshness – Instead of
storing our products for months in
warehouses, they are carefully
packaged and shipped soon after
production, to maintain freshness.
• No other products are grown,
• Plants are harvested at their
nutritional peak and transported
as quickly as possible to
dehydration facility.
• Computer-controlled scales
measure the exact weight and
amount of each concentrate
• Finished tablets are sealed in
specially-designed containers to
maintain freshness.
Nutrilite Product
Protein powder
• Fibre

Calcium for kids

• XL energy

XL Energy Bar Fruit & Nut

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2008 2007
Revenue 645,458 584,251
Cost of Sales 446,462 401,839
Gross Profit 198,996 182,412
Other Income 10,641 13,771
Distribution Expenses 23,319 18,852
Selling and Administrative 57,069 57,019
Profit Before Tax 129,249 120,312
Income Tax 34,154 32,400
Profit for the Year 95,095 87,912
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