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Job Analysis

 Job Analysis - the procedure for

determining the duties & skills
requirements of a job and the kind of
person who should be hired for
 Job Description - A list of a what the
job’s entail
 Job Specifications - what kind of
people to hired for the job
Types of information via the job
 Work activities
 Human behaviors
 Machines, tools, equipment, and work
 Performance standards
 Job context
 Human requirements

Uses of a job analysis
Recruitment and selection
Performance appraisal
Discovering unassigned duties
EEO compliance
Job analysis

Job description and job specifications

iting & selection Performance

Job appraisal
evaluation Training
– wage and salary decision requirement)
Steps in Job analysis
 Step 1 – Decide how you’ll use the information
 Step 2 – Review relevant background
(Organization charts, process charts, job
 Step 3 – Select representative positions

 Step 4 – Analyzed the job, by collect data on

job activities, required employee behaviors,
working conditions, human traits etc
 Step 5 – Verify the job analysis information.

 Step 6 – Develop a job description and job


Methods of collecting Job
analysis information
Quantitative job analysis

Writing job descriptions
Job identification
Job summary
Responsibility and duties
Authority of incumbent
Standards of performance
Working conditions
Job specifications
Writing job specifications

Specifications for trained

versus untrained personnel
Specifications based on
Specifications based on
statistical analysis

Job analysis in a “Jobless” world